Zemannite is a gem in the True Heroes, Role Play and Mind Player's official second gemsona. He is a Butler gem that serves a faceless, nameless, unseen Master with extreme loyalty and care.


Zemannite mostly shows a serious, uncaring, mysterious personality, but in reality he is a caring fanatic gem with a cheering and happy attitude. He, unlike many gems, dislikes the Diamond Authority, and believes they hold too much power, but even so he holds respect for them and also loyalty; he does not desire to overthrow the DA in any way and actually dislikes the The Dark Diamond Society.


Appart from the average gem abilities.....

Unique Abilities

  • Empathy: He has the ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams of others. He uses it to constantly bond and read his Master's intentions and feelings, so he knows whether to trust him or not.
  • Clairesentience: He has the ability to perceive the history of an object or person by touching it. The more history has, the longer it will take Zem to process it.


  • Zemannite is a very rare oxide mineral with the chemical formula Mg0.5ZnFe3+[TeO3]3·4.5H2O. It crystallizes in the hexagonal crystal system and forms small prismatic brown crystals. Because of the rarity and small crystal size, zemannite has no applications and serves as a collector's item.
    • As a reference to it being a Collector's item and having no applications, Zemannites were given the purpose of serving other gems similarly to Pearls, but being rarer than them.


  • Inside the Phoenix Minerals Fanon universe, Zemannites work similarly to Pearls, but are more rare and important.
  • Aguna drew him twice
    Zemannite I
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