Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

Verdite is an OC created by Amethystkitten, she debuts in Crashing into a New Life. Art was drawn by Agunachospace.


Verdite is a normal height gem, her hair is short and in large myrtle curls. Her skin is a fern. She wears a mint shirt which is connected to a ruffled mint skirt by a myrtle belt. Around her shoulders are fern coloured rings. Her gem is a myrtle coloured faceted diamond and is located on her chest.


Verdite is adventurous and daring, on her Homeworld she was considered the dare devil of her friend group despite how much this irritated her superiors. She also is very tender and caring towards Labradorite which is seen in later of episodes of "Crashing into a New Life"


Verdite possesses all standard gem abilities, she can bubble gems, shape shift, summon her weapon and retreat to her gemstone.


When fused with Labradorite, they form Phosphosiderite.

Special Abilities

Arbokinesis: Verdite can both manipulate growing plants along with being able to cause plants to grow. She can decay plants when angry causing them to die in extreme circumstances.

Hologram Projection: Like many other gems, Verdite can use her gem to produce a hologram of herself. Since she was raised in a fully developed colony, her hologram is very very accurate to her current form.




Labradorite is Verdite's best friend, they often comfort one another and spend much of their time together. Labradorite dedicated much of her life to building a spaceship so she and Verdite could explore the cosmos together something Verdite much appreciated it. Currently they are trying to survive on Earth while Verdite holds some possible feelings for her best friend.




  • Verdite is the trade name for a light-green metamorphic rock composed of fuchsite
  • Verdite has been used by South African natives for hundreds of years as an ornamental stone
  • The green colour is due to impurities of chromium


Image Description
Amethystkitten's Verdite gemstone
Verdite's gemstone is a four faceted myrtle diamond. It is evenly split and has a distinct lighter tone in the bottom right corner.
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