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Hey guys! ;0


"You have a typo on one of your pages, Mouss, I'll fix it for you!"

PLEASE DON'T! If there is a typo or grammar/punctuation error on one of my pages, please let me know on my MESSAGE WALL and I will take care of it. Thank you.

(Note: If it's categorizing, I don't care. Do you what you have to do.)


Further Information
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A couple of Disclaimers

  • Please ask me before you use my concepts and headcanons. I will not always say yes and allow you to use them.
  • I recognize I am not able to make everyone happy.
    • Harassing or responding rudely to me if I have not fully sympathized with your personal feelings will not fix the issue; it will only worsen it.
  • Although I cannot make everyone happy, I will try my best to go with the majority.



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