• I'm Emerald if you join all you need is a page then I will let you join thx You can be Crystal Gems Homeworld Gems corrupted Gems or Mind Controlled gems (don't have to be controlled)


    1Follow Rules 2 No shattering someone else's characters without permission

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    • (Yellow Diamond) Blue are you sure it worked (Blue Diamond) yes (Emerald) (Comes out of Emeralds room)

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    • (Emerald is now mind controlled)

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    • (I think this would be a fitting debut for my gemsona Painite(Devan4590) but don't mind control her.)

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    • Ventor12 wrote: (I think this would be a fitting debut for my gemsona Painite(Devan4590) but don't mind control her.)

      It's your choice only some gems were affected and your good to go (Emerald) The Crystal Gems (Emerald is controlled by Yellow and Blue Diamond) (Emerald) Looks like some rebellion gems want to fight I'll show them (Ventor12 Emerald (My Emerald) and your OC have the approving message right next to each other)

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    • Emerald fights the crystal Gems and proofs Pearl and almost hurt Garnet! Emerald: You pesky Crystal Gems Green Diamond MY DIAMOND will take care of you pesky Crystal Clods

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    • Brimstone, a nearby Crystal gem, was infuriated.

      Brimstone: Get AHOLD OF YOURSELF!

      (Also in case you don't know, there is something known as Autohitting. It's where you inflict damage to someone else's character and they can't dodge it. Like how you can't say Emerald poofs Brimstone just like that. You can do it to the characters you control , but not anyone else's.)

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    • Brimstone: Emerald you abandoned the diamonds years ago! You need to snap out of it!

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    • Emerald: Must Serve my Diamond

      Emerald try's to poof Brimstone but missed by a lot

      Emerald sent a green light to summon Green Diamond

      (I love dapper Brimstone so cute)

      Emerald: Smart Gem you are hiding in a panic room while Gems like me are getting corrupted

      Emerald is now furious

      Emerald: Why you Why you little little

      Emerald faints

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    • Emerald wakes up

      Emerald: Brimstone my old friend? But what happened I remember coming out of my room then blank

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    • Emerald: Anyway

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    • Emerald: Well Brimstone

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    • Brimstone: You were talking about serving "Your Diamond." and accusing me that I was hiding in my panic room and not helping you from being corrupted. First of all, my home is all the way across the world. Second, I run an architectural firm and franchise. So either way, don't do that again or I will go inside your mind and fish the reason out!

      (You do the line with 4 of these: -)

      Painite's Pearl: Green...Diamond...

      Painite: WOULD YOU STOP!

      Painite slaps her Pearl.

      Painite's Pearl: My head is feeling a little fuzzy...

      Painite created an envelope and a sheet of paper and wrote with her pen to meet her in Painite's castle.

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    • Emerald: What! I would never do that!

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    • Brimstone turns of an eye glow revealing a camera

      Painite sends the note to the Diamonds.

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    • Emerald saw Brimstone

      Emerald: So your a spy! I would shatter you right now but I just can't

      Emerald holds his head

      Emerald: ahh!

      Brimstone enters Emeralds mind but is pushed out because Emerald fell under the Diamond mind Controller that Panite doesn't know about

      Emerald: Green Diamond my Diamond watch out there's a gem coming for you Panite

      Green Diamond: Emerald you traitor looks like the other Diamonds went through with it then looks like it's up to me to save Emerald from the mind control

      Green Diamond turned the mind control off but only for Emerald then put it on for Panite

      Green Diamond whispers: I still owe him for saving me

      Emerald is part vampire because he was part human

      Emerald lost control but to the vampire side this time

      Emerald tries to bite Brimstone (you chose if he missed)

      Emeralds vampire bite mark is now glowing

      Emerald holds his head and his bite mark

      Emerald: Ughhhhh


      Emerald is now under vampire control

      Emerald: Must obey VAMPIRE KING!!!!!!!!


      Emerald grabs Brimstone and uses a rocket gauntlet to hold him down to a wall


      Emerald: Brimstone I tried to hold this off it's too strong!

      Vampire Emerald: Sorry not Sorry

      Emerald tries to bite again

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    • (Well, automatically grabbing other characters is technically an autohit, but I'll let that slide.)

      Brimstone Breaks free.

      Brimstone: You'll have to try harder than THAT! Because REAPERS ARE NUMBER ONE!

      Brimstone pulls out a solution of wolfsbane, Mantagora, and Garlic.

      Brimstone: You will have to fight it off a bit longer!

      Brimstone loads the solution into a Scythe.

      Brimstone: Normally I wouldn't do this but I HAVE TO!

      Brimstone would swing the Scythe


      Painite: Oh so I feel something. Meh. She can't do that to me. I'm too strong! And I sound arrogant. 

      Painite's Pearl: You are very strong. Do you mind if I fetch the other Diamonds for a meeting?

      Painite: Do that.

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    • Emerald dodges and tries to bite

      Emerald gets hit the second time and faints

      Emerald before fainting: (groan)

      Green Diamond: Ugh Pearl

      Green Diamonds Pearl: yes my diamond

      Green Diamond: Please go get Emerald

      Green Diamond Pearl went to the temple

      Gree Pearl to Emerald's body: You will be coming with me

      Brimstone: Nope

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    • Night

      Blood Moon shines on Emerald

      Brimstone(New regen fixed)

      Normal reaper

      Emerald falls under a hypnotic trance

      Emerald wakes up

      Vampire Emerald bites Green Pearl

      Green Pearl: My head feels a l-l-littl-l-l

      Green Pearl faints


      Green Pearl wakes up

      Vampire Green Pearl: HISSSS

      Vampire Emerald: Calm down this is our food Brimstone

      Vampire Emerald whispers to Brimstone: Just one bite I'm just so hungry

      Emerald: I'm back what happened to GREEN PEARL

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    • (Stop making Brimstone do things without my permission!)

      Brimstone: Great. There are two of you now! This scythe holds the secret to being cured of vampirism! Plus I am all bones, so good luck eating anything off me.

      Brimstone uses his scythe to pump the mixture into Green Pearl.

      Brimstone: I can let you go under one condition. Never return.

      Painite's Pearl found Green Diamond.

      Painite's Pearl: My master, Painite, would like to speak to you

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    • Emerald: sorry it wasn't my fault

      Green Pearl: Ok

      Green Diamond wispers: she found me

      Green Diamond: Ok

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    • Painite's Pearl: This way.

      Painite's Pearl guides Green Diamond towards Painite.

      Painite: Hello there. We have come for a discussion.

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    • Green Diamond: Ok

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    • Brimstone uses the Scythe on Emerald to pump the mixture into Emerald.

      Brimstone: Ok that should solve the problem

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    • Emerald returned to his gen after getting hit by it

      Emerald comes out of his gem

      Emerald: So I saw that your a spy I saw that camera

      Emerald: I will find other Crystal Gems and tell them that your a spy

      Green Pearl cane back and took Emerald by surprise and warped him to Homeworld where his Gems were broken

      Emerald's Gems [1] are now in a pile in front of Green Diamond and Panite

      Green Diamond: Pearl why did you do that

      Green Pearl: Do what

      Green Diamond: Was that Emerald

      Green Pearl: what

      Green Diamond: The other Diamonds must have mind controlled my Pearl

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    • Painite: Weren't you doing so to my Pearl?

      Painite's Pearl: Yeah. It kinda got me.

      Brimstone: I can't even go back to homeworld because I am a crystal gem like you. I have an architectural form and everyone in my company needs me on this planet. So stop jumping to conclusions!

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    • Green Diamond: No it's the other Diamonds they did this

      Green Diamond: well these gems belong to Emerald he is a fusion

      Emerald came back by refuseing when the gems weren't looking

      Emerald: Well if you think you can get into my mind a get me to believe you just try

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    • Emerald: Brimstone I don't believe you and you can't change that you can try to go into my mind a make me but I would like to see you try

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    • Emerald: Brimstone

      Green Diamond: We can fix this

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    • Emerald becomes a vampire again

      Green Pearl gets shattered then the gem is sent to Emerald

      Emerald: Green Pearl!

      Emerald thinks

      Emerald: Oh yeah I can heal her I have healing powers

      Emerald heals Green Pearl

      Green Pearl: Thank you

      Green Pearl joins the crystal Gems

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    • Emerald: Hey Brimstone

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    • Green Diamond: Where is my Pearl

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    • Brimstone: Ok but still, to get to the root of the problem I may need to get into your mind but-.

      Brimstone's phone got a call

      Brimstone: I have to take this.

      Brimstone picked up his phone and changed into his human disguise.

      Brimstone: Yes you are speaking to Jacob Knight. What's that? A new major client? Wants to meet with me personally. I'll be right there.

      Brimstone hangs up.

      Brimstone: My human Alias is Jacob Knight. I have to go meet a client. You can follow if you want to see an architect's work.

      Brimstone goes to a warp pad.

      Painite: I am the gem who created you! Not some...telescope! Just get the other diamonds here.

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    • Emerald: Let me come I am part Human

      Emerald follows Brimstone

      Emerald: Ok but I don't have a human name

      Emerald: I'm a vampire again but that was actually corrupted Emerald

      Green Diamond: Fine I will tell you the truth I'm on the Crystal Gems side ever since Pink was shattered

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    • Brimstone: Emma would be your name. Be sure to refer to me as Jacob Knight.

      Painite: You what!!?

      Painite laid down on her Chaise.

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    • Emerald: I'm a boy but ok

      Green Diamond tries to shatter Painite

      Emerald: ok Jacob just call me your assistant

      Emerald shapeshifts into a fox

      Emerald: or I will be your new pet

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    • Painite creates a shield to protect her gem.

      Painite: I CREATED YOU!

      Painite creates a mace.

      The warp arrives at Brimstone's office.

      Brimstone: Ok so we are early.

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    • Emerald: I will be your new pet fox

      Green Diamond tries to dodge but failed and was shattered and the other Diamonds were shown this to stop them form freighting Homeworld

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    • Painite: You traitor.

      Brimstone: Just no talking. Take a seat on the dog bed.

      Stanford Ditko knocks.

      Stan: Hello? Jacob?

      Brimstone: He's here!

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    • Emerald lays down in the dog bed

      Emerald pretends to sleep

      Green Diamond activates the mind control for Emerald

      Emerald now shape shifts into normal form

      Emerald holds his head

      Emerald: ahhhh

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    • Brimstone: Decide on a form!

      Stan Ditko enters.

      Stan: Ahhh! Jacob! It's been a while since Comic con. Who's this green fellow?

      Brimstone: My intern! Gotta keep the kids educated.

      Stan Ditko: Why is he-.

      Brimstone: Back to the main purpose of this meeting! So you want a house? Grab a pencil or a pen from the cup, Em.

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    • Emerald: ok

      Emerald relies that his gem is cracked

      Emerald becomes a mix of a dog a bird and a monkey

      Emerald: What

      Brimstone's Client: What!

      Brimstone's Client runs

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    • Brimstone: Wait! Nice going Emerald. You scared away an important client. Use this.

      Brimstone gives gem repair fluid.

      Stan returns with a camera


      Stan takes a picture.

      Brimstone: Mr. Stan Ditko here makes comics. The Mighty Action Force comic series.

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    • Emerald tries to talk but all that comes out is a high pitch distorted voice

      Emerald will talk by writing

      Emerald writes: How did you know about my gem being hurt?

      Emerald's gem gets worse

      Emerald writes: You can go into my mind to fix this right

      Emerald's arms glitch

      Emerald tries to talk again

      Emerald: (Hight pitched distorted screech)

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    • Emerald tries to write: Brimstone please

      Emerald dropped the repair thing on his gem

      Emerald returned to his regular form

      Emerald: Thanks Brimstone

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    • Emerald: So Brimstone

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    • Emerald becomes fully corrupted

      Emerald is now a fox

      Emerald tries to run but ran straight into s wall

      Emerald passed out on the dog bed

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    • Stan Ditko: Shape shifter intern eh?

      Brimstone: Whatever happens in my office stays in my office!

      Stan Ditko: Indeed. Now about my house.

      Brimstone lays out the blueprints

      Brimstone: This is what we have so far.

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    • Emerald flips the dog bed so he can't be seen

      Emerald sleeps

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    • Stan Ditko and Brimstone continue their meeting.

      Stan: Ok so those are the plans? Wow. Thanks a lot Jacob. I also have inspiration for my next comic!

      Brimstone: Yeah...

      Stan: See you soon!

      Stan Ditko leaves.

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    • Emerald is still corrupted

      Green Diamonds Shattered Gem was showed to all Homeworld Gems to make an example of what happens when you betray Homeworld

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    • Emerald asks Brimstone for a cure from corruption

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    • Brimstone: I nearly got my skull smashed by Bismuth.

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    • Emerald: Your lucky I actually almost got shattered from Bismuth and if that's not enough before that Bismuth actually shattered my friend

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    • (May I join? With uhm... idk actually, you suggest which OC I should use :v)

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    • Nicnuc01 wrote: (May I join? With uhm... idk actually, you suggest which OC I should use :v)

      (Yes you can join and use all of your OCs)

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    • Emerald: Hey Brimstone

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    • Emerald: Brimstone I have to tell you something Green Diamond is on our side

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    • Brimstone's eye glow grew larger.

      Brimstone: That is not good at all!

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    • Emerald: What is it Brimstone

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    • Brimstone: During my time on homeworld, I served one of the most powerful gems in the empire. Pianite.

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    • Emerald: I have only heard of Painite once from Green Diamond he said that Painite is the most powerful gem stronger then the Diamonds

      Emerald's Gems glow brightly

      Emerald looks worried

      Emerald: I'm fine

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    • Emerald's Gems stop glowing

      Emerald falls under the mind control again

      Emerald: Aghhhhh

      Emerald warps to Homeworld

      Emerald: Painite, My new Diamond

      Emerald: Painite I have news I know where one of your Gems are Brimstone. Brimstone is here just follow me

      Emerald warps to the Temple

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    • Painite: I am not a Diamond. Refer to me as My Painite. And Brimstone, you say? He's The Dreamer. I let him follow his dreams.

      Garnet: I-i-i-it can't be!

      Pearl: Painite?

      Amethyst: Yo, I'm Amethyst Who is this?

      Painite: I am the creator of the diamonds themselves.

      Brimstone: My Painite, what is it you want with this planet?

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    • Emerald: Yes my Painite

      Emerald: My Painite what happened to Green Diamond

      Emerald: I have future vision I see Green Diamond with an army coming to shatter you My Painite

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    • Cyan Diamond would teleport into the room.

      "Green Diamond, who the hell is that? Besides, I can deal with a punk like that."

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    • Emerald: No Green Diamond will have an army of Gems and Humans

      Emerald: It's ok though

      Emerald: Cyan Diamond?

      Emerald: And I know who shattered Pink Diamond it was Yellow Diamond she always changed the topic when Pink diamond came up

      Emerald comes out of the mind control

      Emerald: PAINITE AND CYAN DIAMOND HOW DARE YOU how did you get me here?

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    • Cyan Diamond snapped his fingers, creating a small holographic interface, he'd check if any unregistered movement would be in the sector.

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    • Emerald yells: I said how did you get me here

      Emerald falls under the mind control again

      Emerald: My Painite we still need a new Green Diamond

      Emerald looks like the perfect Gem Fusion for the job if Emerald fused with Green Diamond broken gem then Emerald would be the new Green Diamond

      Emerald heals Green Diamond but fuses with the Gem before Green Diamond can form

      Emerald is now Emerald Diamond

      Emerald Diamond: I'm Emerald Diamond

      Emerald Diamond: Where is my Pearl

      Emerald Diamond summons Emerald Pearl

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    • Cyan Diamond snapped his fingers.

      Orbs form around Emerald Diamond, exploding violently.

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    • Emerald Diamond: Ahhhh

      Emerald Diamond Unfuses

      Emerald refuses

      Emerald: Thanks Cyan Diamond Green Diamond was controlling me

      Blue Diamond walks into the room

      Blurb Diamond: Green Diamond will never replace Pink Diamond

      The room is filled with blue light and tears come out of all the Gems (as seen yesterday in Wanted)

      The Blue light is gone and all the Gems stop

      Blue Diamond: I'm so sorry

      Emerald: It's fine

      Emerald's Gems start to glow

      Emerald: I'm fine this is nothing

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    • Cyan Diamond wouldn't cry.

      "Blue, calm down, it's gonna be okay."

      Cyan Diamond would comfort Blue Diamond.

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    • Green Diamond reforms

      Greens Diamond shatters Blue Diamond

      Emerald heals Blue Diamond

      Green Diamond retreats to the Temple to tell the Crystal Gems he was on their side

      Emerald: Blue I know who shattered Pink Diamond it was one of two Gems

      The Blue light thing happens again as Blue Diamond starts to cry again

      Emerald thinks about trying to calm Blue Diamond but thinks he is too small

      Emerald: It's ok Blue Diamond It was Green or Yellow Diamond Yellow always changed the topic when Pink Dimaond comes up

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    • Blue Diamond's Blue light Crying thing happens again

      Emerald fuses with Green Diamonds Gem one more time

      Emerald Diamond: It ok I'm re real Emerald Diamond controlled by Emerald

      Emerald Diamond: Its ok Blue it's not your fault

      Green Pearl Warps back into the room

      Emerald Diamond: Pearl

      Green Pearl: Yes my Diamond

      The Crystal Gems and Connie warp in

      Garnet: You

      Pearl: (Gasp)

      Steven fuses with Connie

      Garnet and Pearl fuse

      Sardonyx: I'm Back

      Emerald Diamond tries to shatter Sardonyx

      Emerald Diamond pulls up a Hollogram Screen

      Emerald Diamond: Looks like it is time to use the robot guards

      Blue Diamonds Blue Light comes with the crying again but also unfuses all Gems but Garnet and normal Emerald and Green Diamonds gem is shattered

      Emerald: Brimstone you gem that hides in a panic room while Gems get corrupted

      (Brimstone doesn't know about the mind control)

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    • Emerald: Brimstone we know who shattered Pink Diamond

      Blue Diamonds crying blue light happens again

      Emerald: It was YELLOW DIAMOND

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    • Painite: Accusations are flying like shooting stars.

      Brimstone: Don't blame me for being smart! My Pianite told me about what was going to happen, but since she let me follow my dreams, she warned me so I stayed normal! 

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    • Emerald looks at Yellow Diamond

      Blue Diamond to Yellow Diamond: Emerald said you shattered Pink Diamond

      Yellow Diamond uses electric power to poof Emerald

      Emerald regenerates

      Emerald: I'm sorry

      Emerald is now free of Mind Control


      Emerald Warps to the Temple

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    • Emerald comes back

      Emerald: BRIMSTONE your on their side?

      Emerald: So you really are a spy you aren't a Crystal Gen after All

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    • Brimstone: No! 

      Painite: I let him under one condition. He would have to suffer the consequinces of being a rebel. Now I will spare you all under one condition. Leave. And take this round excuse of a handyman with you!

      Painite throws Silica at Brimstone and Emerald and all of them are warped to the temple.

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    • Emerald: Thanks for the Help guys

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    • Emerald: Brimstone you need to enter my mind I have to show only you something

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    • Emerald: Brimstone

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    • (No offense, but srsly? Emerald regenerated INSTANTLY! That's kind of overpowered.)

      Cyan Diamond would yawn.

      "Yooo, Painite. Whassup, homie? Haven't seen ya in quite some time."

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    • Brimstone: Ok then.

      Brimstone would enter Emerald's mind.

      Painite: Cyan Diamond, I see more compliance in your court. I think you have been productive.

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    • "Sure I have, bud. I mean, I'm lazy, but not lazy enough to not to my job."

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    • Emerald shows Brimstone his view of the corrupting light

      Emerald shows Brimstone his secret lab in his mind

      Emerald falls under the mind control again but Brimstone was in his mind and needs to save Emerald from it if Brimstone will be stuck

      Emerald is now soemhow in a cage in his mind

      Emerald: Brimstone you need to save me!

      Emerald: Please.

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    • Emerald breaks free of the Mind Control

      Emerald Warps back to Blue Diamond

      Emerald: Ok Painite I know you said to leave but I have to help

      Emerald: Lisen Blue Diamond I have a plan to find who shattered Pink Diamond

      Blue Diamond's Blue light happens again but Emerald isn't affected this time

      Emerald: Cyan Diamond a hollow gram screen please

      Emerald: So if I can get into a database of all of the Gems I can put what I find together and find out who did this

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    • Emerald: Cyan Diamond I need a hollow gram screen

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    • Silica pops up.

      Silica: Hi! I can help you with that.

      Silica creates a holo screen.

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    • Emerald: Thanks

      1 hour later

      Emerald: I got it it was Bismuth

      Blue Diamond's Blue Light happens again all the Gems cry

      Green Diamond, Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond: Shatter her

      Emerald: Wait guys I almost got shattered by Bismuth but still is that a little fast don't we need a trial again I will be Bismuth's lawyer

      Trial Room

      After the Trial

      Emerald: Well I tried but Bismuth looks like your as good a shattered

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    • Emerald Warps to Earth

      Emerald: Hey Brimstone

      Emerald: So I fixed 2 problems 1 Bismuth 2 Pink Diamond

      Emerald: Remember what k showed you about the corruption

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    • Emerald: Brimstone

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    • Brimstone: Hold up Em, I am on the phone!

      Brimstone was on the phone.

      Silica: A bismuth had no business with Pink Diamond at the time.

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    • Emerald through message: Yes but a Rose Quartz doesn't eithier

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    • Emerald: Who is it

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    • Emerald: Brimstone

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    • Brimstone: I am busy can't you see? You know what? Get out of my office or else I call security!

      Brimstone is in his human form.

      Silica: Let's get out while we can!

      Silica drags Emerald out.

      Silica: My 3 suspects are Painite, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond.

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    • Emerald: Blue is depressed Panite wouldn't shatter her creation and Yellow did it

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    • Emerald: Silica come with me

      Emerald shows Silica His lab

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    • (Actually, Painite would not have a problem with breaking her own creation.) Silica: Whoa! This seems like loads of fun!

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    • Emerald: Yeah and that's just the part I showed you

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    • Emerald: Want to see the theam park I built

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    • Emerald: Silica

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    • Emerald: Silica!

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    • Emerald: SILICA!!!!

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    • Silica was passed out sleeping.

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    • Emerald: Oh

      Emerald goes to Brimstone

      Emerald: Hey Brim

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    • Emerald: Brimstone

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    • Brimstone: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! A client is coming any minute now!

      Brimstone pressed a button and a trapdoor leading to a slide would open under Emerald.

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    • Emerald yells: Sorry!!!!!!!

      Emerald: Telliports to silica

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    • Silica was on Emerald's computer.

      Silica: Did you get dumped out of somewhere?

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    • Emerald: Yeah

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    • Emerald telliports back to Brimstone's office Emerald: can I make an appointment without you pushing me out

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    • Brimstone: HERE COMES A CLIENT!

      Brimstone Opens the trapdoor.

      Silica makes Emerald return.

      Silica: This seems interesting. Either way, if we can't talk to him now we can make an appointment!

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    • Emerald: Ok Silica please tell me about you I never met you

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    • Emerald: Silika

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    • Emerald: Never Mind

      Emerald Warps to the Temple

      Emerald falls asleep

      All the Gems wake up in a room tied up not remembering how they got there (even Painite and Cyan Diamond

      Emerald wakes up

      Emerald: ugh my head

      Emerald tries to move but is tied up

      Emerald: Wake up Silica I can't use my bow to get me out

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    • (Cyan Diamond doesn't sleep)

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    • (Well Mandy cyan Diamond passed out)

      Emerald: Cyan diamond wake up help get me out then I will use spiked gauntlets in the rope

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    • Emerald shoots bow at wall and bounces off and cuts the rope on Emerald

      Emerald: I'm free

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    • Emerald frees Silica

      Emerald: Yeah

      Emerald and Silica high five

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    • Silica: Wahoo! Also, look what I got!

      Silica shows he made an appointment at Knight Architecture (It's Brimstone's company).

      Silica: It'll be a while until it starts.

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    • Emerald: Well we cant until we free Brimstone

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    • Emerald frees Brimstone

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    • Silica: Brimstone already is free.

      Silica slashes the Brimstone that Emerald freed and turns out, it was a model skeleton inside a black cloak  that was decorated.

      Silica: See?

      Painite creates fire freeing everyone.

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    • Emerald: You know I could have just ... never mind

      Emerald went with Such lica to the appointment

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    • (I could join with Bixbite as an Homeworld gem, but... I don't know how to get into the history...)

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    • Secretary: Mr. Knight will be with you in a moment.

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    • Agunachopace wrote: (I could join with Bixbite as an Homeworld gem, but... I don't know how to get into the history...)

      (Just read The latest things)

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    • Emerald: Ok

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    • Secretary: Ok he's ready! Take the elevator up to the 10th floor and his door is the one with the rich red door at the end of the hall.

      Silica: Ok!

      Silica takes Emerald to the glass elevator, getting a nice Nightime view of London.

      Silica: This is made of tampered glass. We won't break it, but look at the view! We're not in Beach City, we're in London! Isn't it great?

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Cool

        Loading editor
    • Corruption Emerald shatters the glass

      Normal Emerald: Why did I do that

        Loading editor
    • Silica: OH NO!

      Silica gets Emerald out onto the 7th floor.

      There is a lot of screaming as the elevator falls apart.

      Silica: We're going to be sued majorly, so we better find a jeweler and sell a gem! But for now, the appointment!

      The screaming continues.

      Silica: Err, let's take the fortified stairs!

      Silica goes up.

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond would snap his fingers, repairing the damage done.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Um let's sell Yellow Diamond ;p

      When the arrive at Brimstone's office

      Emerald: I'm so sorry about the elevator

      Corruption Emerald: Not

      NormL Emerald: Why do I keep saying and doing these things

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Again sorry Brim

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: So we found the Bismuth shattered Pink Diamond

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite arives at London, after days of looking for a gem called Emerald. With a device that tracks the location of the nearest gem being, she finds the building where the green gem is. She wonders why there was a broken elevator at the floor, but made her way to the insides of the building.

        Loading editor
    • The secretary noticed Bixbite.

      Secretary: Oh hello. Are you looking for someone? Employees are being sent home after the glass elevator fell apart, but I'm still here.

      Brimstone: Do you have any Idea how expensive that elevator was!? First you break my elevator, then you falsely accuse a lowly bismuth of shattering Pink Diamond?

      Silica: I never agreed to that!

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Well the elevator wasn't my fault and Bismuth almost killed you so I saved us

        Loading editor
    • Silica: I was Near the site of the murder of Pink Diamond, and there were no Bismuths! It's just that my memory is foggy.

      Brimstone: The killer had to have high authority to make the guards allow it to get close, Someone unexpected.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: I was there well part of me The ruby

        Loading editor
    • Brimstone: Yeah...not really that you could get that close. Was Painite there?

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Yes

        Loading editor
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    • Emerald know he is being tracked so he unfuses

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    • Brimstone: So what I as thinking is that the killer would be Painite. Painite has expressed disappointment over Pink Diamond.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald's Ruby: Yeah

      Emerald's Saphire: I agree

      Emerald fuses again

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Im being tracked so don't follow me

      Emerald Telliports to the first floor where Bixbite is

        Loading editor
    • Emerald to Bixbite: Hey I'm Emerald have you seen a gem any where that might be looking for I mean tracking me

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: (to the secretary) Yeah I am- (she looks at Emerald showing in) Oh my diamonds! That was fast... (coughs nervously) I'm Red Beryl, also know as Bixbite: Pink Diamond Former Head of Security... it is a pleasure to meet you!

        Loading editor
    • Emerald shakes Bixbite's hand

      Emerald: It's a Earth thin to shake hands

      Emerald: So why are you tracking me is it for the Eliavato- I mean nothing

      Emerald seems to be able to tell why

      Emerald: Was it for

      Emerald wispers to Bixbite: Pink Diamond

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    • Secretary: Wow. Two people named after minerals? That's something you don't see every day.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald ignores that comment

      Emerald: Well Bixbite why are you looking for me do you want to join the Crystal Gems

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    • Emerald: Well it doesn't matter because you found me anyway

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    • Bixbite: (nervous) I'm sorry about tracking you... it was unprofessional... but it's true, I came here to speak about my diamond... may she find peace if I talk with you... But maybe in a more private affair? (poiting at the secretary)

        Loading editor
    • Secretary: There is Emerson's office which is clear for today. If you wish to speak in private do it there

        Loading editor
    • Emerald in the office: You think you want to join us let's face it Pink Diamond was like us fighting to stop Homeworld for destroying Earth I-I-I-I didn't do it though I was corrupted

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Bixbite I-I-I

      Emerald's Gems start glowing

      Emerald: I have to go like right now

      Emerald: But I'm fine ok I don't need help

      Emerald walks out

      Emerald telliports to the Temple while right in front of the secretary

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    • Emerald's form becomes unstable and he unfuses

      Emerald's Ruby we can't keep doing this

      Emerald's Lapis: Its not my fault you can't just stop

      Emerald's Saphire: I don't see this fight ending any time soon

      Emerald's Ruby: My fault if you didn't fuse with her

      Emerald's Ruby points to Emerald's corrupted Peridot

      Emerald's Lapis: So you bring that into this Rose tried saving all of us we unfused as the corruption light came

      Emerald's Saphire: Please just stop if you don't I foresee disaster

      Emerald' Ruby and Saphire: Fine

      Emerald fuses again

      Emerald's Gems start to glow again

      Emerald: I can't let anyone see this

      Emerald becomes completely corrupted

      Emerald smashed some stuff

      Emerald becoems normal again

      Emerald: Well at least It was not an elevator

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    • Emerald Warps back to Brimstone's Office

      Emerald: So is this appointment still valid

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    • Emerald: Brimstone and Silica let's fuse trust me

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    • Bixbite waits in Emerson's Office, still uncomfortable about the whole situation. Even if she was following Pink Diamond's wishes, this wasn't her choice. She started to wander around the office.

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    • Silica: Nope. If you're already in this jam then I don't want to be in it.

      Brimstone: I'm trying to do my business work! Try talking it out peacefully.

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    • Emerald's form becomes unstable

      Emerald: Got to keep it together

      Emerald: I understand guys

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    • Emerald: It's fine guys I solved the problem

      Emerald telliports to the first floor back to Bixbite

      Emerald: Well what ever your here to do then do it

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    • Bixbite: Pink Diamond gave me the mission of giving you the direction of a secret fountain that she used to go. I'm not fully aware of what's it relation with you or how my diamond decided to give you these coordinates, but I'm not going to say no to my diamond... (gives Emerald a paper with coordinates)

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: ...

      Emerald remembers where this is

      Emerald: This is where IT happened

      Emerald: Thanks want to come with me

        Loading editor
    • Emerald asked Brimstone and Silica too

      Emerald: Come on guys

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: Really? I'd be honored... I mean, you'll need an escort, of course. That's why I'm here... (surprised and excited)

        Loading editor
    • Emerald telliports them there

      Emerald: I know she was your Diamond but I had too she knew too much about me

      Emerald: ...

      Emerald: I HAD to do it

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Silica you don't want to know why I really did shatter Pink Dimaond but she knew a lot too much

        Loading editor
    • Emerald becomes possessed by the ghost of Pink Diamond

      Pink Diamond Emerald: Thanks Bixbite you led Emerald into my trap

      Emerald: And you have done my final wish REVENGE

      Emerald lunges at Bixbite

      Emerald misses

      Emerald: I will never forget what you did

      Emerald: Bixbite you should have tried to save me He told you

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    • Emerald (Pink Diamond) sings a butiful song and all other gems that hear it become corrupter


      Emerald: HA HA HA HA



        Loading editor
    • (Dude that's the same thing as autohitting!)

      Brimstone was on the phone with a client, but didn't hear the song. Silica was messing with the sides of his head.



      Suddenly, the area would become darker. A maroon sheild would surround Brimstone, Silica, and Bixbite. Bixbite would return to normal.

      A huge Burgundy ship would appear in the sky.

      Silica: It's HER! P-p-p-p.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald is normal

      Emerald: You don't want to see what I have just been through

      Emerald: It's who!?!?

      Emerald: I can try to get you out of there hold on

      Emerald is back to Pink Diamond

      Emerald: My Loyal subject Bixbite and TWO OF THE CRYSTAL GEMS

      Emerald: Well well well

      Emerald's version of Stronger then you plays


      Emerald sings a different song that makes all Gems feel calm and also some fall asleep

      Emerald: Music isn't cheating

      (If Bixbite is sleeping)

      Emerald: I better get you to a safe place my subject

      (If not)

      Emerald: Go Bixbite go and find safety

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    • Emerald is normal: I'm sorry guys

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    • Silica was saying an incantation from a book.

      Brimstone: What? Do you honestly believe that hocus Pocus can save us from a ghost?

      The ship in the sky became more visible, turns out it looked like Painite's upper body. Silica's book is knocked out of his hands.

      Silica: NOOOO!

      Brimstone: Definitely Painite.

      The ship landed and the ship's sternum opens with a path.

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    • Bixbite manages not to fall asleep and, scared by Emerald's behaviour, runs away from her, hiding behind a rock.

      Bixbite: (shaking) W-what is-is going... on?

        Loading editor
    • Painite comes out and sees Bixbite, Silica, Emerald, and Brimstone.

      Brimstone: STAN I'LL CALL YOU BACK!

      Brimstone hangs up.

      Silica: Painite! What are you going to do to us?

      Painite: I could do do lots of things. 

      Painite creates two Topazes. One with a Halberd and another with a mace ball.

      Brimstone attempts to attack but the Topazes fuse and they slam Brimstone, poofing him.

      Painite: Silica, I gave you one chance to escape, but you didn't take it, didn't you?

      Painite bubbles Silica while Silica still has his form.

      Painite: Bixbite.

      Topaz Fusion breaks the rock that Bixbite is hiding behind, but not harming Bixbite.

      Painite: You are a great gem. You carried out a death wish even after the wisher died and has now possessed someone. You are going to be taken Back to homeworld.

      Blue Diamond was looking around for Cyan Diamond.

      Blue Diamond: Where is Cyan when I need him? 

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    • CD would exit the rift.

      "I'm here, Blue. What's the problem."

        Loading editor
    • Normal Emerald: Noo Brimstone

        Loading editor
    • The Topazs fuse around Emerald

      Emerald is normal

      Emerald: Even though I'm 25% Human you could have poofed and bubbled me

      The Topazs bubble Emerald's head

      Emerald's voice but muffled and quite: BRIMSTONE SILICA BIXBITE I will save you

      Emerald becomes a fox

      Emerald: Ha I got out

      Emerald becomes his normal form

      On Homeworld

      Emerald and Brimstone are put into one cell and Bixbite and Silica are in the one right next to it

      Emerald: Brimstone if we fuse we can get out trust me

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    • Brimstone: This is a mess! Why am I in a cell?! I just did what my diamond told me to!

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    • Emerald: Because Painite doesn't care what happens she hates us

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: Well, regardless... she can't do this! What is the Diamond Authority position in this?! (nervous)

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: They don't know if we get to Homeworld it will be too late I could teleport to your cell but not anywhere else so let's fuse

      Emerald teleports to Bixbite

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Bixbite we need to fuse

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Come on Bixbite we NEED to fuse

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Bixbite

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Silica we can get out of here

      Emerald remembers what ship this is

      Emerald: I know a weak spot in the walls between the cells

        Loading editor
    • Painite: Release those two.

      The topazes get Brimstone and Bixbite out.

      Silica: WHAT?

      Painite: I am sorry for the rude introduction, we needed to make sure you weren't A Crystal Gem. I am Painite, the creator of the diamonds themselves.

      Painite sits Bixbite down on a comfy chair.

      Painite: You see, my own creations have been accused of murder. Yellow Diamond has been evasive when it comes to questions.

      Brimstone was thrown to earth in a pod generated by the ship's left hand.

      Painite: Blue Diamond is falling apart, and White Diamond is to busy. I need to know, who did the ghost of her-.

      Painite points to a picture of Pink Diamond.

      Painite: ...say was the killer?

      Silica: Emerald this is all your fault! If you had tried to protect us I wouldn't have been bubbled and maybe Bixbite wouldn't be interrogated right now!

      Blue Diamond hugs Cyan.

      Blue Diamond: Thank Goodness you're here! Listen, I've been trying to cope with our loss for thousands of years but this time I have reached an all time low!

      Blue Diamond projects a moment of her having an emotional breakdown in her room.

      Blue Diamond: White, Yellow, Painite, and I have been accused of killing Pink!

      Blue Diamond let go and sat down.

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    • Emerald: IT WAS ME! But I was corrupted!

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Panite what ever you do just not unfuseing

        Loading editor
    • Painite: Move the green one to that cage, Aquamarine.

      An Aquamarine moves Emerald into a different Cell close to Painite,

      The Aquamarine leaves.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: But Why did you come

        Loading editor
    • Painite: To find the cause of the death of one of my creations that wasn't me. 

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: I told you

        Loading editor
    • Painite: And I know. Pearl, show Bixbite her room until we reach homeworld. Then schedule a lift for her to get to where she needs.

      Painite's Pearl: Umm, yes My Painite.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Just don't make me unfuse ever please

        Loading editor
    • Painite: Oh that would be too cruel. Unless...we want to know what you are. You're unlike anything I have ever created or thought of.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Well you don't want to know

        Loading editor
    • An info log shows up in front of Painite, seems like hologram from Cyan Diamond, showing the components of Emerald, and additional info.

        Loading editor
    • (Guys I'm sorry, but the pace you follow in this RP is to fast for me and I can only reply like twice a day with luck... I'm quitting, sorry :(   )

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    • (Don't quit plz)

        Loading editor
    • (Sometimes I can barely keep up with this.)

      Painite: Oh how convenient. Give me a moment...


      Blue Diamond: You will need this.

      Blue Diamond passes a notebook and pencil to Cyan.

      Blue Diamond begins to talk about the trial with Steven.

      Blue Diamond: Yellow was acting as if the defense were persecuting her and then she lashes out and Rose Quartz gets away in my Palanquin.

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    • (My character is literally being dragged to make the plot continue... and that is just not my way fo roleplaying. Sorry. If you want, we could make slower paced RP...)

        Loading editor
    • (Well yesterday was faster then normal so don't quit)

      Emerald unfuses

      A yellow light comes on Emerald's Lapis and Perido

      The same with a blue light on Emerald's Ruby and Saphire

      The lights make the Gems forget everything (Ruby and Saphire don't forget they're love) and make them a Homeworld Gems

      Emerald's Ruby and Saphire: Where is Blue Diamond, Our Diamond

        Loading editor
    • Painite: She is on homeworld. Do you intend to shatter her?

        Loading editor
    • (Who is Crystal Gems and who is Homeworld? I kinda wanna roleplay)

        Loading editor
    • (Homeworld Gem Oc's are Painite, Cyan Diamond and Possibly Emerald's components.

      Crystal gem Oc's are Silica and Brimstone)

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond would open a holoscreen, logging everything down.

      "I see... Any solid evidence against one side?"

        Loading editor
    • Blue Diamond: I mean, I'm not sure but all we have are thoughts and witness accounts that may just be false.

      Prasiolite[1] enters.

      Prasiolite: My Diamond, is everything alright?

      Blue Diamond: I'm fine Prasiolite. Now as I was saying, Rose Quartz who now looks like this...

      Blue Diamond shoes the picture of Steven.

      Blue Diamond:...Was also very unsure of herself, as if she wasn't even there. Cyan, do you think she was there based off what I told you?

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    • Emerald's Lapis and Peridot: Where is Yellow Diamond, Our better Diamond

      All of Emerald's Gems: We are Homeworld Gems why would we shatter a Diamond

      Emerald's Saphire and Ruby warp to Blue Diamond

      Emerald's Saphire: We are your 2 new and best Gems

      Emerald's Ruby: Come on Saph you don't need to make us look good

      Emerald's Saphire and Ruby blush

      (By the way the only way to save Emerald is to get each of his Gems and make them remember who they are)

      Emerald's Peridot opens the cells

      Emerald's Peridot: I trust you

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    • Emerald's Peridot: Come with me Brimstone and Silica

      Emerald's Peridot remembers them

      Emerald's Peridot has his memory's back

      Emerald's Peridot explained to Emerald's Lapis

      Emerald's Peridot and Lapis fuse

      They form sunstone

        Loading editor
    • Sunstone: Well I haven't been myself for a while

      Sunstone: HA HA HA HA

      Sunstone: Hey Brimstone and Silica

      Emerald's Saphire and Ruby are sent to see the prisoners

      Sunstone reminds them of who they are

      They fuse to make Emerald

      Emerald: I'm back guys

      Emerald: Painite you will suffer for makeing me unfuse!!!!

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    • Silica: Brimstone's gone. He's on earth.

      Blue Diamond: I'm going through some tough times.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: How

      Emerald: I will get you back too

      Emerald teleports them to Earth

      Emerald: BRIMSTONE!

      Emerald's Gems glow

      Emerald: I'm fine just go don't look

      Emerald: Like I said I'm fine

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    • Emerald becomes corrupted

      Emerald right before corruption: Fine Look I can't hide this anymore

      Emerald: (Distorted voice)

      Emerald's corrupted fox form grows spikes as a green Pearl comes near

      Green Pearl: I'm looking for a gem named Emerald I'm his Pearl

      Emerald: (Growls)

      Emerald's Pearl: That's him also don't worry I'm a Crystal Gem

        Loading editor
    • "Based off of the things I saw in the log, that... was not Rose Quartz. They may have had their gem, but they obviously had no clue how they fought Pink Diamond, less even how they shattered her. More importantly, their form. Rose Quartz took pride in her form, as far as I know, why would she change? In my opinion, that was not Rose Quartz, but... something else."

        Loading editor
    • Emerald left a note that said that Emerald shattered Pink Diamond teleported to Cyan Diamond

      Emerald bites Emerald's Pearl

      Emerald's Pearl: My head is a little fuzzy

      Emerald's Pearl faints then wakes up as a corrupted Gem

        Loading editor
    • (Before Emerald entered)

      Blue Diamond: You really think that what that aquamarine brought us wasn't Rose Quartz? 

      (And back to the present)


      Prasiolite: What is it my Diamond and-. OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT?

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: (Distorted voice but just able to understand) Help I'm Emerald the one who shattered PINK DIAMOND

      Emerald lost control because he is corrupted

      Emerald tries to Bites Prasiolite

      Prasiolite becoems corrupted

      Emerald lunges at Painite

        Loading editor
    • (OK TIME FOR AN INTERVENTION! Saying that things happen to other people's characters is the same as autohitting, and that removes all the fun and it's controlling other people's characters. Second, don't take control over characters other people were controlling. That's just mean. So just edit that.)

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    • (Is it ok for a Gravity Falls Crossover I think so)

      Emerald becomes normal

      Bill Cipher comes out of Emerald's Mind

      Bill Cipher: Hope you didn't miss me Pines

      Bill: ... where are we?

      Emerald: We arnt in Gravity Falls and your destroyed you Yellow Dorido

      Bill: Woah woah woah I'm not here for that I'm here to join the Crystal Gems

        Loading editor
    • (No)

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond would blast Emerald with a heavy particle beam.

      "Tsk, rude. Interupting Diamonds in private."

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Ow

      (Ok no Gravity Falls)


        Loading editor
    • Emerald continues with rage


        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: (summoning her axe) You... really shattered her? Really?

        Loading editor
    • Prasiolite summoned her katars.

      Prasiolite: You don't seem to regret it one bit!

      Silica: Hang on. Who had business being near Pink Diamond? A ruby! Why didn't the Sapphires see Rose Quartz coming? They probably did, but lied about their vision!

      Blue Diamond: Wait, let the silica out, I want him to continue.

      Silica is freed.

      Blue Diamond: Go on.

      Silica: Yes ma'am. I will

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: Maybe it was a plot? I wouldn't want to believe my diamond was betrayed by her own gems, but... what if that was the case? That could easily allow Emerald to shatter her... (her voice wasn't nervous and now it was an angry tone)

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: She knew too much and the corruption took over me

      Emerald cries

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond would lift Emerald with their telekinesis, pulling them apart.

      "I do not care whether you want to stay fused. I want answers. Now. And if you cannot give me any answers, I will force you to unfuse."

        Loading editor
    • Blue Diamond: Wait not here, the court. Silica, if your argument is solid enough then you shall be redeemed.

      Painite: This is going to solve everything.

      Painite makes a portal everyone to the courtroom. Emerald is in an area saying "The defense" with a yellow Zircon. Silica is in the spot saying "The persecution". The Diamonds are in Their chairs (Unless Cyan Diamond doesn't want to be).

      Yellow Pearl: All rise for the luminous Yellow Diamond!

      Blue Pearl: And the lustrous Blue Diamond.

      Painite's Pearl: And for the great Painite and Cyan Diamond!

      Painite: Whose testimony will start?

      Silica: I will! Ok so my thought is that it was all planned.

      Silica creates a holo screen similarly to blue Zircon.

      Silica: Rose Quartz had no business being near Pink Diamond and being as close as she was according to witnesses would have meant certain Death, and Rose Quartz is still running around Homeworld with a human. Also, Rose Quartz was a great logician, so she would know not to be in that situation.

      In Silica's list of suspects Rose Quartz was thrown to the side.

      Painite: Does the defense gave any comments?

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond would create a seat for himself, sitting there, getting hologram out to record everything.

      "Right, the defense. You may speak."

        Loading editor
    • Yellow Zircon: Umm, Emerald was never planning to kill Pink Diamond, and was probably corrupt at the time. Corrupted gems do not understand the world they live in. So henseforth, Emerald may have been corrupt at the time and we would like to call a witness. Blue  Diamond.

      Blue Diamond: Oh brother. 

      Blue Diamond sat in the Witness's spot.

      Yellow Zircon: Do you believe that Emerald did this because she was corrupt?

      Blue Diamond: Umm...

      Yellow Zircon: It's a simple question ma'am, do you think that Emerald killed your sister out of corruption?

      Blue Diamond: Actually, no...The corrupting light was fired after Pink's Death.

        Loading editor
    • (A door into the room, an Aqua Pearl and an Aqua Diamond come in)

      Aqua Diamond: Sorry for coming in late, I had to plan the new kindergarten for a planet.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Well I was corrupted because of something else I don't remember what because I was corrupted!

      Emerald: I was corrupted by another Gem Jasper

      Emerald: But it was my fault I got corrupted by trusting Jasper

        Loading editor
    • Painite: That is your main argument?

      Yellow Zircon: I am trying to let you get out of this with all of you intact!

      Yellow Diamond: We should just separate them and shatter the corrupted part.

      Blue Diamond: Wait! Silica, tell me how it was done.

      Silica's platform is raised.

      Silica: Ok this is what I pieced together. As Bixbite said before, It could have been a plan. But instead of Emerald herself doing all the work, what if it was her components doing it as a group, not as a fusion.

      Yellow Diamond glares at Silica.

      Yellow Diamond: Do you have a clue on what the plan was?

      Silica: Yes, may I please present a palanquin for the sake of this argument?

      Blue Diamond: We are not doing that again.

      Silica: Understood. Cyan Diamond, can you create a hologram Palanquin?

        Loading editor
    • "...Who are you...?"

      Cyan Diamond points at Aqua Diamond.

      "...And why have I never seen you in any of my logs? Also, I can make an actual Palanquin."

      Cyan Diamond snapped his fingers, creating a Palanquin.

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: Just stop this trial

      Emerald copy's what Steven did

      Emerald finds the Off Colors

      Emerald: Well I'm here again

      Lars: Emerald?!?

      Emerald: Lars!

      Emerald: Let's get out of here I can teleport you all to Earth so you can join the Crystal Gems and I will coem back to the trial

      Emerald teleports then to Earth and Himself to the trial

      Emerald: I did it because

      Emerald: I WAS CORRUPTED!!!!

      Emerald becomes corrupted

      Emerald: (Distorted Voice)

        Loading editor
    • Emerald: (Distorted Screaming)

      Emerald is a small green fox when corrupted

      Emerald trips over Silica's foot

      (If Painite would make a dog bed for Corrupted Emerald he would sleep so the trial could continue)

        Loading editor
    • Silica: Watch it!

      Painite: The trail shall now Continue.

      Silica: Ok so as I was saying, The sapphire could have lied about her vision. Part of Emerald may have been corrupted enough that Emerald has amnesia about it.

      Silica jumps into the Palanquin.

      Silica: What may have happened is that the sapphire lied giving the illusion it was safe, and the Ruby could have acted as a guard also luring PD into a false sense of security. Then, the Peridot is someone who she would listen to when it comes to technical support for her Palanquin.

      Silica stands up and begins to walk out.

      Silica: Pink Diamond would step out a few steps and then the Lapis, the corrupted part would attack while the Ruby, Peridot, and Sapphire escape. This could explain the state of disrepair PD's Palanquin is in.

      Yellow Diamond: But what about the cover up?

      Silica: Green Diamond could be the one responsible for that. She could have said that it was Rose Quartz, and by her authority she would have been capable.

      Painite: Everyone make your judgements.

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    • (Lemme be honest, I don't feel like pursuing this RP anymore, too many things are happening here which I don't like. I'm quitting.)

        Loading editor
    • (Well yeah. There are a lot of things happening at once. I think that this RP should be put to rest because there's isn't much of a plot.)

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    • (That, too, but I just feel like Emerald is too... I don't like the character at all. What are they supposed to be?)

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    • Emerald's Pearl: I can translate

      Emerald's Pearl: Your wrong Peridot is the corrupted one

      Emerald's Pearl: It was him (Emerald) he said that he will pay for his shattering Pink Diamond but again Peridot was corrupted Lapis is the human (Vanpire) one

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    • (A fusion that is made up of a changing number of Gems that is also part human and vampiric. Makes no sense.)

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    • (Ok, I know I'm not part of this roleplay at all, but I'm just gonna butt in because I want to say something. Honestly, Emerald is just a straight up Gary Stu (Male version of a Mary Sue) character. He has way too many powers, he's a stable fusion of (From what I could see) 4 Gems that hate each other, and even if they didn't hate each other, it still makes no sense. He's apparently a regular Gem, a corrupted Gem, a human, and a vampire for no apparent reason. He corrupts sometimes, but it serves no purpose other than making him seem more important. He also shattered Pink Diamond just because, even though he had no reason other than "I don't like her." And he literally just teleported away from the trial, to the Off Colors, teleported them to Earth, and then back to the trial even though his teleportation should have a long cooldown. He did all of this because he was bored. Sorry if I come off as rude by butting into this, but it's just been really bothering me about how he's such a perfect character for no reason.)

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    • (One o the Gems is Human/Vampire so it carries to the fusion)

      (Livi it makes sense to me and he got approved so)

      (He shattered Pink because he was corrupted and corrupted Gems are not aware of the Gem they used to be and he is corrupted Partly so it is on and off and Fusions can be stable in the actual show Garnet is a stable fusion)

      (Emerald's Pearl is not a part of Emerald but Emerald's Pearl is a Pearl made for Emerald)

      Emerald's Pearl: What's his punishment he is ready for anything but unfusion

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    • Bixbite: (angry) Just... shatter him! Corrupted or not, he has to die! Killing a diamond shouldn't be accepted!

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    • Emerald lunges at Bixbite with his mouth open!

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    • Bixbite quickly summons her axe and blocks him.

      Bixbite: If nobody is going to lift a finger agsint this gem, I'm doing it!

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    • Prasiolite tackles Emerald.

      Painite: My dear Bixbite, Where would be the fun in that? I'll shatter one of them and make sure the others never see each other again!

      Yellow Diamond charges her ability.

      Blue Diamond: I'm just glad this is all put to rest.

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    • Emerald: No wait I didn't shatter anyone

      Emerald: I was covering for GREEN DIAMOND

      Emerald: Don't make me unfuse I can live unfused for too long

      Emerald: Don't shatter me shatter him

      Emerald points at Bixbite

      Emerald: He had the chance to shatter me

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    • Silica: Oh dear.

      Painite: Now you're accusing someone who is dead?

      Blue Diamond: This makes no sense!

      Prasiolite: We are not killing Bixbite!

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    • Cyan Diamond's facial expression would finally turn to being angry, and he would snap his fingers, pulling the gemstones of Emerald apart with telekinesis, if successfull, forcing them to unfuse.

      "I've heard ENOUGH from you! Unfuse RIGHT NOW or I will tear you apart!"

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    • Obsidian walks in

      Obsidian: It was me

      Emerald: Obsidan you don't have to do this

      Obsidian: I have to because I did it

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    • Painite: Everyone stop! Court is adjourned, no rulings can be made. Everyone out! Guide these gems. To the prison. De-fuse the green one and keep the components all in different cells! Silica is coming with me!

      Silica is picked up and Yellow Diamond leaves.

      Blue Diamond: Cyan, can't you restrain yourself!? Ok we are going to my place.

      Blue Diamond takes Cyan to her place.

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    • (This is pure chaos... I'm so tempted to quit.)

      Cyan Diamond would continue pulling Emerald apart.

      "Painite, even IF they didn't shatter anyone, they are a danger to gems and their surroundings, I have to unfuse them!"

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    • (Yeah, let's finish this)

      Painite: You don't have to.

      Prasiolite was charging at Emerald.

      Prasiolite: Cyan Diamond, I'll cut them into two!

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    • Cyan Diamond would snap his fingers, empowering Prasiolite, they'd gain a protective barrier and their weapon would be enveloped in light, Cyan Diamond also holds Emerald's gemstones apart so cutting would be easier.

      "A corrupted part? A human and an unidentified species contained in this... thing?!? C'mon, Painite, you cannot tell me that that is a good, stable being!"

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    • Obsidian saves Emerald

      Emerald: You can't split me I'm not dangerous I'm not going to play along I will shatter you Painite if you

      Emerald sings: If you pull me apart I will come back better I'm stronger then you

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    • Cyan Diamond would look at Emerald with a confused look.

      "Yeah that's it I'm done with you."

      Cyan Diamond snaps his fingers, creating orbs next to Emerald, letting them explode.

      "Just no."

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    • Nicnuc01 wrote:
      "...Who are you...?"

      Cyan Diamond points at Aqua Diamond.

      "...And why have I never seen you in any of my logs? Also, I can make an actual Palanquin."

      Cyan Diamond snapped his fingers, creating a Palanquin.

      (Aqua Diamond uses a power to make the place cold)

      (Sodalite jumps into the action, launching a puff of smoke into the room)

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    • Emerald is survived

      Emerald: Burrrr

      Emerald is now stuck in an ice cube

      Emerald: Cyan please lisen I-I nev-ver wanted thi-I-s-s I just want-ted peace I saved her from Rose

      Emerald shows pink diamonds gem

      Emerald: I just couldn't find another Rose Quartz to heal-l Her

      Emerald: Please I saved her

      Emerald becomes frozen and drops Pink Diamond's Gem

      Emerald is now Icy Emerald

      Icy Emerald: Yes my Aqua Diamond

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    • Devan4590
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    • Blue Diamond: This can't be...can it?

      Silica: But she's dead!

      Painite: We need to run tests on that gem to see if it's real.

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    • (A poof sound is heard in the distance and Aqua Diamond is holding a Blue Quartz Gem)

      Aqua Diamond: Solved the problem with the smoke 

      • Aqua Diamond breaks a small trident from the rebel)
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    • (Seriously, Emerald survives explosions, then gets frozen, and changes forms? What is this mess... Slowly descending into a chaos where you suddenly pull out everything, from Pink Diamonds gem to stuff which should be so unlogical, like Obsidian saving Emerald, how would they accomplish that with firekinesis? More important, Cyan Diamond would have take action against Obsidian if they tried to interrupt, but of course, your wording makes it impossible to counteract any action you do, with instant saves, quick teleports, actions which any of us could easily prevent, but somehow you pull it off because lol you immediately write a follow up action, making it impossible to keep up in actions, it's like every one of us had 1 move per post and you have idk 5 or sonething, point being, this RP is not fun, compelling and interesting at all, it's pure boredom with trying to keep you from being a near perfect fusion despite a corrupted part ect., yet you so refuse to let anything bad happen to Emerald, and you just magically create scenarios which should not be possible at all.)

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    • (Foxy, maybe the best thing to do right now is let Icy Emerald accept her punishment, even if its means losing a character... it just seems unreal for her to get away with all this....)

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    • (You forget 1 HE is a fusion and Both characters of mine are HE)

      Obsidian: Icy Emerald?

      Emerald: Yeah

      Obsidian uses his fire to melt the ice

      Emerald's Saphire Gem is cracked along with Ruby

      Emerald can't hold a form with Gems Cracked so he unfuses

      Emerald's Lapis: This is our punishment!

      Emerald's Lapis is pulling in water

      Emerald's Lapis throws it at Obsidian

      Emerald's Lapis: I'm not having that fire here

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    • Cyan Diamond would swiftly seperate all of Eneralds gem, locking them up individually with Hard Light Matter constructs.

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      Emerald's Lapis: They are cracked they can't do a thing!

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    • (No one notices that I sent Kudos to Nicnuc OwO)

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    • (They can break it, you know.)

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    • (May I join this RP once I finish my "new" gemsona and get it approved? OwO)

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    • Painite: We need to separate them.

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    • (knocks on door)

      it's me goku

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    • Deyvan Salez wrote: (May I join this RP once I finish my "new" gemsona and get it approved? OwO)


      Emerald: Wait let me explain this whole thing

      Emerald: I saved Pink Diamond and hid her cracked Gem because you would think it was me Rose couldn't shatter her with one hit I saved her but I needed a way to heal her

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    • Emerald: Rose is now a part human named Steven Universe

      Emerald: I just sold him out though so don't shatter or unfuse me

      Emerald: Steven doesn't know how Pink Diamond got damaged I lied to him and the other Crystal Gems so let me go like you let Brimstone go

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    • (Just want to remind Foxy that Emerald is unapproved because he keeps changing his abilities.)

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    • (Emerald got re approved)

      Green Diamond walks in the room

      Green Diamond: Hey Yellow Blue Cyan Aqua and Painite

      Green Diamond: Obsidian!

      Obsidian says angrily: GREEN DIAMOND

      Green Diamond: Don't shatter or split Emerald he is telling the truth

      Green Diamond: I kept this a secret because he saved me so I owe him

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    • Painite: But green Diamond is dead!

      (OK too many spur-of-the-moment events!)

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    • Obsidian: That was an Imposter

      Green Diamond: Don't hurt Emerald

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    • (Umm, tell me. Where's the Approved Characters category on Emerald's page?)

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    • Livi-Moonfish wrote: (Umm, tell me. Where's the Approved Characters category on Emerald's page?)


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    • (Did you even look?)

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    • Obsidaian: Guys coem on

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    • Prasiolite: Either way, who killed Pink Diamond?

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    • Obsidian: Rose

      Obsidian: But she only cracked her so free the other Rose Quartz because they can heal her and Emerald

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    • Cyan Diamond would scan the Gem.

      "That's a fake. This is not the real Pink Diamond, but a gem without any sort of magical essence. You're lying, and I cannot accept that you tried to fool me."

        Loading editor
    • Painite: YOU LIED TO MY FACE?

      Painite's red eyes are now filled with rage.

      Painite: Do you have any idea what I do to liars?

      Painite's Pearl: Oh no!

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    • Obsidian: WHAT

      Obsidian: Well Emerald is the one who made it then not ME

      Obsidian shows the real one

      Obsidian: Oh this is the real one Emerald stoped it over there I got the wrong one

      Obsidian: So can you heal this

      Obsidian shows his cracked Gem

      Obsidian: And also let the Rose Quartz free all of them!

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    • Painite: We will run some tests but Pink Diamond is beyond cracked. Her ghost possessed Emerald

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    • Obsidian: Ummm

      Obsidian: Gems don't have ghosts that was the mind control glitch

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    • Silica: MIND CONTROL?

      Painite: my creations have auras that are retained even after death. The aura I can sense for.

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: Are we still debating this?! This gem should at least be charged with obstruction of justice or lying in court! His glitchs or corruptions are not an excuse!

        Loading editor
    • Cyan Diamond nods in agreement.

      "Bixbite is right, and Painite, can I... just talk with you in private for a sec?"

        Loading editor
    • Painite: Of course. They shall be sentenced to A LIFE OF AGONY!

      Silica: That's kinda extreme-.

      Painite: LIFE OF AGONY! And of course Cyan Diamond, we can have a private talk.

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    • Cyan Diamond creates a soundproof barrier around himself and Painite.

      "Painite. They are lying. Neither one of the gems they showed are the real Pink Diamond. I scanned both gemstones. A feeble attempt to get away. But more importantly, none of them shattered Pink Diamond. The logs never ever showed an Emerald fusion, and even with Rock Crystals power to cast time spells to view the past, no Emerald ever got near Pink Diamond, neither an Obsidian. Both are lying, and both are desperately trying to get out of this."

      (BTW why did Emerald reform? I thought they unfused?)

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    • Painite: They should still be punished. As Silica said, they probably weren't a fusion at the time.

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    • Obsidian: Please they found it where Em got haunted

      (Obsidian is speaking for Em

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    • Painite: Also, I don't feel any auras other than yours and Aqua's.

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    • Cyan Diamond would tap his gemstone, scanning the area.

      "Current gemstones in vicinity: Painite, Cyan Diamond, Blue Diamond, Aqua Diamond, Bixbite, Prasiolite, The components of Emerald, Obsidian, Silica. No Pink Diamond or remenants of her"

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    • Obsidian: You Liar! That's her Gem get a Rose Quartz to heal her!

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    • Painite: Stop trying we all know it's a fake.

        Loading editor
    • Bixbite: I would know if my diamond was here... but I know she was shattered in cold blood. And somebody has to pay for it! Painite, what is taking so long?

        Loading editor
    • Painite: That's it. Separate them!

      The Topazes from the ship come through the door.

      Prasiolite: This is official! 

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    • Obsidian: WAIT!

      Obsidian: I know that this is the real one

      Obsidian shows the real one this time

      Obsidian: So save Emerald

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    • Cyan Diamond scans the third gem.

      "Still no. Stop trying to get out of this."

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    • Painite: The aura is weak. What...have you done?

      The topazes fuse and charge.

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    • Obsidian: I have done nothing but save Pink Diamond the aura is weak but there!

      Obsidian: So Save Emerald already!

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    • Cyan Diamond would snap his fingers, a circle appears under Obsidian.

      "You're going on my nerves. Painite, I just need your approval to finally get rid of this nuisance."

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    • Painite: Yes, do as you wish but no shattering. Separate them all.

      The Topaz's Use the mace side and slash at Obsidian.

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    • Obsidian tries to dodge but fails

      Obsidian reforms in a cell

      Obsidian: Come on this is why I only trust Emerald! Bixbite wanted wanted someone but why me or Emerald we saved Pink Diamond!

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    • (DUDE! The homeworld warp is destroyed and they don't have emerald.)

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    • "Defusing the fusion now."

      Cyan Diamond would use a pre-recorded song Jade made, it's magical properties would cause great pain to fusions with corrupted parts in them, including Emerald, possibly forcing them to unfuse.

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    • Prasiolite: I like Jade's music. Even though it is made with unfusing corrupted fusions.

        Loading editor
    • "Well, Jade was made for the sole purpose of music. It was only later discovered that he can infuse his music with magical properties."

      Cyan Diamond would explain.

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    • Obsidian gets possessed by Pink Diamond

      Obsidian/Pink Diamond: Let me out you fools I played nice before but you asked for it let me out its me Pink Diamond again

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    • Silica pulled out his Demotology book and began to use it.

      Painite: Pink Diamond, we'll save you from that vessel. Do it Silica!

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    • Obsidian/Pink Diamond: That Gem is mine it was real now get a rose quartz now to heal it and what are those 4 gems over there doing!

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