Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

"The First Fusion" is the fourth episode of Crashing Into A New Life.


Verdite and Labradorite fuse for the first time.


Verdite: Y-you mean fusion!?

Labradorite: (smirks) Exactly

(She takes Verdite's hands.)

Verdite: But that's forbidden on our homeworld!

Labradorite: But we're not on our homeworld.

Verdite: True...You lead, I uh can't dance.

Labradorite: Let me show you.

(Labradorite takes both of Verdite's hands and pulls her closer before proceeding to dance in a waltz like fashion, she then releases on of Verdite's hands spinning her around. )

Verdite: WOOOAAH!

Labradorite: You ok

Verdite: (blushing) I-I'm good

Labradorite: Good

(Labradorite takes Verdite's second hand again as they sway again before releasing her in entirety.)

Labradorite: Now you try

Verdite: Uh ok...

Labradorite: You can do this...

Verdite: Yeah! I can!

(Verdite takes two of Labradorite's hands in her own and sways with her, she then releases on of Labradorite's hands and spins her around before catching her. Both of them become light as they slowly fade into each other.)

Phosphosiderite: (stares at hands) Woah, this is, nice.

Phosphosiderite: This feels, we feel nice, I feel nice.

(Phosphosiderite stumbles around trying to get the hang of her new form.)

Phosphosiderite: Whooohoo!

(She runs over a dead patch of grass and under her feet the planets come back to life.)

Phosphosiderite: Woah! I have my-Verdite's powers!?

Phosphosiderite: Awesome! I wonder if I have Labradorite's powers

(Phosphosiderite jerks her hand forward hoping to summon Labradorite's glacokinesis to no avail.)

Phosphosiderite: Why isn't it working?

(She starts shaking)

Phosphosiderite: Ok, maybe just as a fusion her specific gem powers don't work with me...? Maybe I did did the summoning wrong...? It's ok, it's ok, it's ok...

(Phosphosiderite is shaking so much she feels her fusers separating now.)

Phosphosiderite: No-no-no we can't unfuse, we... I gotta (grunts) make this work.

(Her light reconnects.)

Phosphosiderite: (relieved and takes a deep breath) We're ok...we're ok...we're ok.

(Suddenly the shriek of animals catches Phosphosiderite's attention and she turns her head in the opposite direction. She looks around the wooded area and hears the stomping of something. Suddenly, a group of four has appeared and Phosphosiderite is standing still trying not to unfuse.)

Rose Quartz: Who are you and what are you doing on our planet?

Phosphosiderite: (shaking) Who are you?

Rose Quartz & Pearl: We are the Crystal Gems!


Major Characters




Minor Characters

Rose Quartz


Garnet (cameo)

Amethyst (cameo)


  • This episode reveals that Phosphosiderite and capable of harnessing her components powers.
    • It is believed because of the injuries sustained during the crash Labradorite is unable to use her powers and thus neither can the fusion.
  • The Crystal Gems appear in this episode.
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