Shadow Crystal has light borwn hair and black stripes across his drak tan body. He has deep borwn eyes and an 8 facet gem behind hi shair. He wears a navy blue shirt with black fade to gray pants and bla kslip on shoes.


Shadow Crystal is a new gem and has not met any gems yet. In the future, he will meet a girl named Amazonite


Psammokinesis is the ability to manipulate sand. He can only control about 2 handfuls of sand at a time . SUbmaltion is turning into gas. He can only do this for 5 minutes but strong emotions can undo this effect. Also, if wind comes, he will be blown away with it.


Shadow Crystal is nice, caring, kind, easy to make him do something but hard to say no to. He usally does whatever someone wants him to do, because he wants everyone to feel happy. He only will say 'no' if he knows something is really wrong. He is friends with everyone. He is selfless to the point of getting hi sgem cut( but not shattered)


Shadow Crystals were irregularly formed crystals, formed in dark places that were not used for anything. Crystals were used as captains of groups of soldiers. But in the Homeworld War, Crystals were needed more than ever, but some Peridots made errors in the gem production on Homeowlrd, and Shadow Crystals were formed. They were meant to be all killed, but this Shadow Crystal was preusumably the last one. He hides his identity as Crystal in fear. Only people he truly trusts can call him Shadow.


Shadow Crystals first regeneration, in The Secrets Of War ( RRP)


SHadow Crystal is a newly born gem

Shaodw crystal was the last Shadow Crytsal to be made.

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