Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

"Phosphosiderite" is the fusion between Labradorite and Verdite. She appears in series Crashing into a New Life.


Phosphosiderite has lavender hair adorned with a violet bow. Her hair is puffy and wavy because of her two fusers. She wears a heather crop top which is connected to a heather skirt by a lacy bow. Her shoes are violet ballet flats. Her skin is a light shade of periwinkle. She has two gems that belong to her two fusers, and iris clear spherical one on her neck and an iris faceted diamond on her chest.


Both a mix of the bubbly, daring, rebelliousness of Verdite and the much more timid and wise personality of Labradorite. Phosphosiderite is timid when she first formed but appears to be dominated by Verdite while still being wise and thoughtful when approaching something she does not recognize.




Special Abilities

Arbokinesis: Like one of her fusers Verdite, Phosphosiderite possesses Arbokinesis, in other words control of plants. This means that when she is upset she can kill plants and when she is happy she can nurture them. She as a fusion possesses all of her fusers strengths and weaknesses.


Image Description
Phosphosiderite ATL for ame by rael
Phosphosiderite in Attack the Light, made by Rael.


Crystal Gems

In the brief moment that Phosphosiderite has met the Crystal Gems, she appears to show great fear towards the which resulted in her immediate defusion in Gembound.


  • Phosphosiderite is the first fusion introduced in the series
  • It was revealed that Labradorite named her and Verdite's fusion before they ever fused with one another.


Image Description
Phosphosidorite Verdite's Gem
Verdite's gemstone on Phosphosiderite, a diamond with four equal facets. It is placed on her chest.
Phosphosidorite (1) Labradorite's gem
Labradorite's gem on Phosphosiderite, an ovular shaped gem with no facets. It is placed on her neck.
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