Pearlnet is the shipping of Garnet and Pearl.


  • In "Steven and The Stevens" she yelled; "Well done, Garnet!".
  • In "Tiger Millionaire" she was with Garnet the whole episode, and also seemed to view herself and Garnet as a single team.
  • In "Coach Steven" Pearl covered Stevens eyes and seemed really embarrassed when Garnet was dancing. When she said, "Fuse with me, instead!" she sounded a little more than desperate.
  • In "Serious Steven" Pearl explained the temple they were in after Steven said it, and seemed a bit hurt when Garnet pointed that out.
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  • In "Steven's Lion", Pearl laughed a bit too hard at Garnet's joke.
  • In "An Indirect Kiss", Pearl was clingy to Garnet, and reassured Garnet that things would be okay even though she didn't seem to care. This could have been farfetched though, as the whole episode was from Steven's perspective.
  • In "House Guest", Pearl hid behind Garnet after Greg hugged her.
  • In "Secret Team", Pearl seemed astonished at the thought of Amethyst telling Garnet about the Rose Quartz bubble. She also began to hyperventilate when the bubble was popped.
  • In "Alone Together", Pearl and Garnet demonstrated fusion dancing to Steven, while their routine included Garnet pushing Pearl against a wall in a suggestive manner.
  • Notmyshipbutheres

    Standing next to each other. Just like they always are.

    In "Steven and The Stevens", Pearl holds on to Garnet when she tells her not to touch the giant hourglass, and keeps clinging on until Amethyst picks one up.
  • In "Warp Tour", Pearl hid from Steven behind Garnet.
  • In "Cry for Help", Pearl cries when Garnet offers to fuse with her.
  • In "Cry for Help", Pearl and Garnet's fusion dance is revealed, and it appears suggestive.
  • After unfusing in "Cry for Help", Pearl is lifted by Garnet who spins her around as they both cheer and giggle.
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  • In "Friend Ship" after they apologize, Garnet makes a joke and Pearl laughs with her.
  • In "Catch and Release" Pearl is ready to attack Peridot and Garnet seemingly calms her by saying "Calm down, Pearl." in a polite way, and Pearl listens
  • In "Too Far" when Pearl and Garnet return to discover things have gone haywire, Pearl initially freaks out but tries to keep her cool in an effort to impress Garnet.