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‎This is a disclaimer: None of this is set in stone outside of the Crystalline Saga. It is fanon and takes place in an alternate universe; it will establish castes and set-ups that may not be canon.

Moonstone is a Homeworld Gem and a subordinate of Blue Diamond. She was created by Lenhi.




Moonstone is a slender Gem and has light blue skin. Her hair is straight, dark blue, and parted to reveal her gemstone. Her eyes are a very pale and dull blue.

She currently wears a dress with a separated top. Both are white with blue diamonds on them. She wears dark blue tights and white flats. On her arms are long dark blue gloves that cut off at her fingers.


Moonstone possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


Skill set

Moonstone Staff

Moonstone's staff

  • Staff Proficiency: Moonstone is a master at wielding her summoned staff. While she normally uses it to channel her other abilities, she is able to use it for melee combat and can transform the bottom of her staff into a spike.

Unique Abilities

  • Telepathy: Moonstone is able to use telepathy to communicate.
  • Hydrokinesis: Moonstone has control over water to a great degree however it lacks structure in contrast to Lapis Lazuli's own power.
    • State Change: Moonstone is able to turn water into solid, gas, and liquid states with the use of her staff as a channel.


  • Moonstone is a type of feldspar, other varieties of feldspar are andesine, sunstone, albite, anorthite, bytownite, labradorite, celsian and many others.
    • Being a feldspar, moonstone's have a mohs hardness of 6.
  • Moonstone's come in many different colors, like yellow, red, etc.
  • Moonstone is one of three birthstones of June, the other two are Alexandrite and Pearl.
  • Moonstone has star variety.


Image Description
Moonstone Gem by Lenhi
Moonstones's gemstone is located on her forehead. It is in the shape of a diamond and is smooth with no facets. It has a dark blue ring around the edge and is symmetrical on both sides.