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H-How do I know I can trust you?


Moonstone is a new gem that was found along with Firestone.


Moonstone is known for her petite stature. She seems to be 5'3" even though she's the same age as firestone. She has long straight hair as well. Despite that, there's...really not much interesting about her appearance. She's white in color with very light blue eyes, specifically Alice Blue (#f0f8ff). Something strange about her appearance, however, is the location of her gem, which is on her mouth. It seems to be split where her mouth is, though, letting her be able to talk.


Moonstone is an absolute mental mess. When she meets someone, she doesn't ever trust them. She runs. She hides. She might even attack. It took firestone a full decade to get her to fully trust her. And there's a good reason for this... She's also prone to panic attacks and mental breakdowns. She occasionally breaks down into crying, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Thankfully, Firestone is usually there to comfort her.

Weapons, powers, and abilities

Moonstone's weapon is a bit unique. She has 5 moonstone spheres she's able to control using telekinesis. She has all the normal powers of a gem. However, she does have ONE unique power: flexibility. She's able to twist herself in many inhuman ways that even other gems can't! However, she hardly ever uses it because she's embarrassed by it. She can also fuse with Firestone to make Vanadium.

A story of trust

Moonstone once lived with 5 other moonstones. They were so close that they starting referring to each other as siblings. However, then came one day where someone asked for refuge in their house. Moonstone trusted them, so she let them in. That wasn't a good idea. They shattered the other 5 and tortured moonstone until she escaped, bring the other 5 shattered gems with her. She was devastated. This is where all her mental issues come from. And her weapons. Yup, she's attacking baddies with her own dead sisters. It's also why she never trusts anyone anymore. She doesn't want that to happen again.