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There's always someone to fight! There's just no one left worth fighting...

—"Little Homeschool"

Jasper is a Homeworld Gem who made her debut in the episode "The Return". In "Earthlings", she became corrupted after fusing with the corrupted Ocean Jasper that she had held captive. As of "Change Your Mind", she resides on Earth after being uncorrupted.


Jasper has tangerine skin with reddish-orange markings on her arms and possibly her face. She has amber eyes and plump lips. Her gem is located where her nose should be. She has thick, beige-colored, flowing hair. She also has two greenhorns on the top of her head, presumabl


y aftereffects of corruption. Physique-wise, she is the archetype Quartz Gem warrior; she has a muscular body and stands both taller and wider than Garnet, an indication of her immense strength and durability.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

She wore a sleeveless bodysuit, similar to Peridot's, with a dark mahogany V-neck collar and a yellow diamond in the center. The torso of the bodysuit is maroon, and the legs are dark mahogany. She wore red boots with dark red toe caps.


After her Corruption, she became similar in body type to the wolf-like Snow Monster she fused with, gaining teal spikes across her body, losing her eyes, and gaining two ram-like horns on the side of her head. Spikes protrude from multiple areas of her body, and she appears to have beige-colored mane/tuft of hair growing around her neck. Blotches of green and orange make up her skin, and her teeth became sharp and orange.

Post-regeneration (current)

After getting healed from her corruption by Steven and the Diamonds in "Change Your Mind", she still wears a sleeveless bodysuit, however, the torso now has a different design. She now wears a brown tank top with an apricot trapezoid between and in the center of it is a brown keyhole shape, which contains a small apricot trapezoid through it. Her boots are also apricot and brown like her tank top. She also keeps the teal-colored markings and horns from her corruption.


Jasper is ruthless and headstrong, as well as a brutal combatant. Assumed to be a high-ranking Gem warrior and veteran of the Rebellion, Jasper is very authoritative and militaristic which directly affects her subordinates, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli. She doesn't care about them, doesn't bother to heed their warnings or concerns, and will not hesitate to browbeat them into submission if they complain or disagree with her. The prejudice that Jasper exercises based on combat experience leads her to look down upon beings that appear weaker to her. She despises the act of fusion especially, as seen when she announced, "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger!" Even after Garnet defeated her and crashed the Gem Warship, she didn't consider it a loss, turning back on the previous reasoning and believing that Garnet only bested her due to being a fusion.

Her attitude towards those whom she considers having proven themselves in battle, however, is a much more positive and respectful one. When she first arrived on Earth, she quickly dismissed Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as weaklings not worth her time. She did, however, express disappointment when she found out that Rose Quartz wasn't present because she wanted to face her in battle, as she respected her as the military commander of the war. Likewise, this caused her to be confused and frustrated as to why Rose had apparently shape-shifted into a "weak, human boy" to fight.

Jasper can be hypocritical; the prospect of a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Crystal Gems revulsed her so much that in a last desperate attempt to seize victory, she coerced Lapis Lazuli to fuse with her to form Malachite, apparently disregarding her previous opinion on fusion.

In "Chille Tid", Jasper appears furious and unhinged. The most probable reason why is because of the extended period of time that Jasper has remained immobile, being trapped with Lapis in a seemingly endless power struggle in Malachite, held down with the weight of Earth's ocean and unable to escape the fusion.

Jasper's mindset is focused on one thing at the expense of all else: victory. Without the prospect of a challenge, she considers the task at hand a waste of time. Jasper will even forsake her beliefs if that means she will come out on top. Interestingly, as long as they fought on even terms Jasper does seem to respect those who best her in combat, implying she has a warped code of honor.


Jasper's Crash Helmet.

Jasper, summoning her weapon.

All Gems have various powers, including the ability to invoke a weapon, change shape, and strength, agility, speed, and skill beyond human capabilities. They can also take refuge in their gems after being wounded to heal. She is also capable of fusion, as shown when she fused with Lapis Lazuli to form Malachite.

Being a Quartz Gem, she was created to fit the role of a warrior within Gem culture. As such, she has incredible amounts of physical strength and stamina, making her one of the most physically imposing Gem seen thus far. She is also strong of will, as it is currently taking all of Lapis's concentration to subdue Jasper.


  • Crash Helmet Proficiency: By gathering her resolve and thirst for battle, Jasper is able to summon her weapon; a tangerine, crystalline helmet. The helmet acts both as a weapon and armor; a hammer-like protrusion in the front of the helmet allows her to use it to charge, slam, and headbutt her opponent, while a clear orange-tinted visor extends down, covering the upper part of her face. The sturdiness of the helmet rivals that of Garnet's gauntlets, as Jasper was shown continuously countering her attacks.
  • Martial Arts: Further reflecting the similarities between herself and Amethyst, Jasper is likewise prone to mixing up her weapon-based attacks with martial arts moves, such as grappling, throwing, or simply punching her opponent. Due to the nature of her weapon, the two styles mix seamlessly and combine into a powerful, but ultimately reckless fighting style with immense collateral damage.
    • Jasper, headbutting.

      Headbutting: Jasper is shown to be able to headbutt without her weapon. This version, although weaker without her helmet, still has the potential to knock out a human being, as seen with Steven in "The Return".

Unique Abilities

  • Jasper's Comet Charge

    Comet Charge: Jasper can lunge at her foes with alarming speed and power, as evidenced by the attack breaking through layers of hard gemstone. While she performs this attack, a fiery aura is formed around her.
  • Jasper's Spin Dash.

    Spin Dash: Jasper can rapidly roll in a ball-like shape to attack enemies. While Amethyst was shown to have this ability as well, it seems that Jasper's version is more powerful. Jasper can also use the technique to dash across a spacious room and plunge into the air.


  • Jasper's Gem Destabilizer.

    Gem Destabilizer: Homeworld Gems, in addition to their summonable weapon, seem to carry a personal defense weapon known as Gem Destabilizers — extremely potent, "non-lethal" tools used to subdue enemy Gems. Jasper is seen using this weapon on Garnet in "The Return". She attempted to use it again in "Jail Break", but Garnet pried it from her hand and broke it immediately afterward.


Rose Quartz/Steven Universe

I don't need your help! You're the one that needs help. You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own. You've always been a fusion! You've always had your friends! Because you're nothing without them! You think everyone needs help! ... But it's only you. No one is as pitiful as you!

—"Little Homeschool"

Jasper, holding Steven up.

Jasper holds some animosity towards Rose, as Jasper was present and fought for the loyalist Gem forces during The Rebellion on Earth. She was looking forward to "beating her into the ground" upon arriving on Earth. Despite this, Jasper expresses a great deal of respect towards Rose for her role as the military commander of the war, although she does harbor disgust towards Rose's love for the Earth and will to fight for the planet. Jasper believes that Steven is Rose, and treats him as such. In "Chille Tid", Jasper is shown to harbor a vendetta against Steven and tries to attack him upon seeing him. However, she is restrained and eventually suppressed by Lapis.

In "Super Watermelon Island", her personality through Malachite shows that she stills bears animosity towards Steven, even referring to him by name instead of Rose, to the point where the Watermelon Steven's resemblance of him angers her. However, while Steven and Jasper are no means on friendly relations, he did call out to her when she fell into a crack in the earth, apparently valuing her life nonetheless.

Crystal Gems

You don't need me for this. Just blast them with the ship.

—"The Return"

Due to the Crystal Gems being traitors who staged a rebellion against their Homeworld and the fact that Jasper fought on the side of the loyalist Gems in the conflict, her view on the Crystal Gems is naturally a negative one. She is eager to settle the score with them; so much so that she expresses disappointment in the fact that the three are all that is left of Rose's army. She initially considers them unworthy for her to fight personally and simply orders Peridot to blast them with the Gem Warship.

In "Super Watermelon Island" she takes control of Malachite in order to 'have some fun' and destroy the Crystal Gems, who have fused as Alexandrite. During the fight, she does thank the Crystal Gems for proving her previous opinion wrong and showing that fusion is not a cheap trick. In order to 'thank' them, she attempts to unfuse Alexandrite by squeezing her with hands created by water and freezing it, as she sees as though there is room for only 'one abomination.


"How can you side with Rose Quartz?! Why? Why protect this useless shell of a planet?"

"It's not a shell. There's so much life, living here. That's what I'm doing! I'm living here! I've been learning new things about myself all the time! Like how I can make metal do my bidding! The point being: Earth can set you free."

—Jasper and Peridot

Jasper, ordering Peridot.

Jasper and Peridot seem to hold some type of tension between each other. Most of this seems to stem from the fact that Jasper was put in charge of escorting Peridot, as the Crystal Gems repeatedly hindered Peridot's efforts, forcing Peridot to report to her superior(s) and ask for additional help in the matter. Jasper pays little attention to Peridot's grievances and complaints, possibly as a result of Jasper looking down on Peridot, who is more of an intellectual/technician than a warrior. Peridot states, in a message supposed to be sent to Yellow Diamond, that Jasper is her escort.

Lapis Lazuli

I thought I was a brute, but you, you're a monster!

—"Alone at Sea"

Jasper, persuading Lapis to fuse.

Jasper was put in charge of overseeing Lapis, following her return to Homeworld. She forced Lapis to help them find and capture the Crystal Gems. Jasper treats Lapis very roughly and imprisons her after finding out she withheld information from her. When Jasper attempts to coerce Lapis into fusing with her in order to defeat the Crystal Gems, Lapis eventually consents. The two fuse together to form Malachite, with Jasper initially appearing to be the dominant personality. Before Jasper could make use of her new form, Lapis regained control of her hydrokinetic ability to bind and imprison their fusion beneath the ocean. While trapped beneath the ocean, Jasper is tenacious in her efforts to either regain control of Malachite or escape the fusion.


Oh great, you're both out? And you're fused again? Why? Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger. Quit embarrassing yourselves! I've seen what you really are.

—"Jail Break"

Jasper, fighting Garnet.

Jasper and Garnet's relationship is very antagonistic, as Jasper's self-reliant outlook on life means that she looks down on Garnet for being a fusion. When she first met Garnet, she referred to her as a "shameless display", implying she knew that Garnet was a fusion. Her defeat, at the hands of Garnet, pushes her to make the hypocritical decision to fuse with Lapis in order to get stronger. This rash decision led to her imprisonment at the bottom of the ocean.


You're a Quartz soldier just like me. But you're not like me... are you?

—"Crack the Whip"

Jasper, recognizing that Amethyst is a Quartz Gem warrior much like herself, only overdue, scornfully comments on the defective nature of Amethyst, indicating that despite their shared heritage, she sees Amethyst as just another Crystal Gem rebel, and perhaps even an inferior version of herself.

Diamante Rosaedit | edit source

Jasper foi feito originalmente para Diamante Rosa e a saudava como "Meu diamante", tendo grande respeito e admiração por ela. Após Rose Quartz forgar ter quebrado seu diamante, Jasper ficou em vinga-la.


Season 1

  • "The Return" (debut)
  • "Jail Break"

Season 2

  • "Full Disclosure" (flashback)
  • "Love Letters" (mentioned)
  • "Chille Tid" (dream/telepathic message)
  • "Cry for Help" (mentioned indirectly)
  • "Message Received" (mentioned)

Season 3/4

  • Super Watermelon Island (cameo)
  • Gem Drill (mentioned)
  • Same Old World (mentioned)
  • Barn Mates (mentioned)
  • Hit Diamond (mentioned)
  • Alone at Sea
  • Gem Hunt
  • Crack the Whip
  • Steven vs Amethyst (mentioned)
  • Beta (cameo)
  • Earthlings
  • Back to the Moon (depicted; mentioned)        
  • Mindful Education (imagined)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  • We are the Crystal Gems (cameo)


  • Jasper has a yellow diamond on her uniform, just like Peridot.
  • Jasper can be considered an opposing counterpart to Rose Quartz.
    • Rose and Jasper both have the same hair length, but while Rose's hair is soft and curly, Jasper's hair is wild and unkempt.
    • They both are of similar height and stature, with Jasper being more muscular than Rose, indicative of both of their respective natures.
    • Rose's combat style apparently focuses on defense, while Jasper's focuses on offense.
    • Rose is kind and serene, Jasper is savage and ill-tempered.
    • Rose fought against the Gem Homeworld, while Jasper fought on its behalf.
    • This could be a hint to actual mineralogy, as jasper and quartz have the same chemical composition (silicon dioxide, colored by iron), but different internal structure.
  • Both Jasper's and Amethyst's Spin Dash are possibly inspired by the attack of the same name performed by the popular fictional character, Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Jasper is consistently shown to be left-handed.
  • Amethyst and Jasper both hold many similarities; they both rely on martial arts, they have similar hair and full lips, and are both kinds of Quartz.
  • Jasper is the only Gem that is not affiliated with the Crystal Gems whose outfit changed without her regenerating, as seen with the difference between "The Return" and "Jail Break".
    • Raven Molisee has stated that the reason for Jasper wearing a cape in "The Return" was to look "intimidatingly fabulous".[1]
  • The bands or stripes on Jasper's body are an aesthetic meant to represent the appearance of her gem in real life and to give her a camouflage or army commando look that fits her character.[2]

Jasper's entry in Guide to the Crystal Gems.

  • It is possible that Jasper was made in the Kindergarten, like Amethyst, because Peridot mentioned that the Kindergarten on Earth produced Quartz and the gemstone jasper itself is a type of Quartz.
    • Peridot also mentioned that Amethyst is 'overcooked', meaning she incubated too long and therefore is half the size she should be. Amethyst herself is only half as tall as Jasper.
  • Her helmet resembles a Bōsōzoku's hairstyle.


Natural jasper.

Gemstone Information

  • Jasper is the zodiacal stone for Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. It is a planetary stone for Mars and is associated with the element of fire, as well as being a secondary birthstone of March.
  • Jasper often represents protection, nurturing, relaxation, and so on.
    • This is ironic, due to Jasper's cruel and aggressive nature. However, it can also represent fire, a nod to her fiery temper.
  • Jasper is a variety of quartz with a chemical composition composed primarily of silicon dioxide.
    • Up to 20% percent of fine dense jasper can be composed of foreign materials, typically hematite, pyrolusite, clay or calcite.
    • Jasper has a microcrystalline structure which means its trigonal crystals can only be seen under high magnification.
  • Jasper comes in all colors, mostly striped, spotted or flamed.
    • Jasper herself has multiple markings across her body, a reference to this.
    • A variety of trade names specify colors, appearance or composition. There is no recommendation for color, although red, caused by traces of iron oxide, is one of the most common colors.
    • Brown and yellow are also commonly occurring colors for jasper.
  • The name 'jasper' is derived from the Greek word for 'spotted stone', referring to its typical multicolored, striped, spotted or flamed appearance.


Image Description
Jasper's gemstone is located where her nose otherwise would be. It is triangular, and faceted onto a low point. It has a diamond-esque shape.


    Q: "What was the whole point of Jasper wearing a cape in "The Return?""
    A: "To look intimidatingly fabulous. Need there be another reason?"
    Q: "Hi, first off I want to thank you and your fellow team members for creating one of, if not, the greatest cartoon(s) ever made. I recently came up with a theory about Jasper's bands/stripes. I know real life Jasper can be banded, but so can some other real life counter parts of the other in show Gems. So my question is: Are her bands or stripes (whatever they're technically called), more than they appear to be? Basically do they represent something... more or are they just for aesthetics."
    A: "They're just for aesthetics. They match what jasper actually looks like, and they kinda give her a camouflage/commando kinda vibe which fits her character."