Gregrose is the romantic shipping of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz.


  • Their relationship is canon on the show.
  • Steven Universe is the child of Rose and Greg. In "The Guide to the Crystal Gems" Garnet refers to Steven as a fusion of love, much like herself.
  • In "We Need To Talk" at the end Rose and Greg dance as Greg attempts to fuse with before he kisses her passionately at the end.
  • The episode "Story For Steven" is about how Rose and Greg met.
  • In "Lion 3: Straight To Video" in Rose's video Rose and Greg are shown to have kissed at the end.
  • In "We Need to Talk" after singing their romantic duet "What Can I Do" together Rose kisses Greg goodbye.
  • In "We Need to Talk" after Rose and Greg speak they both spin one another around and laugh.
  • In "Story for Steven" Greg performs a song for Rose and when she tells him not to give up everything he wants, in response he declares, "You're everything I want!"
  • In "Laser Light Canon" after Steven activates the canon with Greg's mantra; "If every porkchop were perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs," Greg looks toward the canon's fire and says Rose as a tear trickles down his cheek, this shows how much she truly loved him using one of his phrases to make her magical weaponry work.
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    Rose and Greg kiss

    In both "Laser Light Canon" and "Maximum Capacity" a photo of Greg and Rose together is seen. The same photo is seen inside Lion's Mane in "Lion 3:Straight to Video."
  • In "Lion 3: Straight to Video" when Steven enters Lion's Mane, he finds a Mr. Universe shirt the same one Greg gave to Rose in "Story for Steven".