"Geode" is a stable cluster made by BKfootball.


Geode stands at 7' 5" tall. He has light red skin from his left hip to his right shoulder, whereas the rest of his body is light blue. He wears a heavy brown coat on his chest with something resembling swimming trunks on his upper legs. He has short, purple hair. His gem is a combination of a Bauxite and a Hemimorphite, and located on his forehead.


  • Self-Induced Burning: Geode can consume himself entirely in fire without seemingly getting hurt, however it does come with side effects.
  • Self-Induced Freezing: Geode can freeze himself in an ice block without being harmed, however it also comes with side effects.


Witty, Clever, and seemingly bored by everything, Geode prefers to use hand signals over normal speech, but will talk often also. Geode always seems to be bored about everything, and really doesn't care too much. However, he is smart, and will not fail to make witty remarks about everything.



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