The Gemallica Quintet is a sub-unit group under the Crystal Gems. The unit consists of five gems, namely leader Coral, gunner Chrysoberyl, ribbon wielder Black Pearl, inventor Metal Sapphire, and hydrobender Lapis Lazuli.


  • Coral - The leader of the group who wields a golden staff with a yellow star on the top. In the finale, Steven gives her a mango-scented candle. She is voiced by Marieve Herington.
  • Black Pearl - The second in command whose weapon is a ribbon that can function as both a rope and whip. In the finale, Steven gives her a charcoal-scented candle. She is voiced by Jeannie Tirado.
  • Chrysoberyl - The gunner whose weapon is a salmon gauntlet that can fire cannonballs that produce smoke. In the finale, Steven gives her a cinnamon-scented candle. She is voiced by Apphia Yu.
  • Metal Sapphire - The only gem who has no weapon, but can create a gadget out of any object. In the finale, Steven gives her a marshmallow-scented candle. She is voiced by Megan Shipman.
  • Lapis Lazuli - The hydrobender whose weapon is water and ice. In the finale, Steven gives her a blue citrus-scented candle. She is voiced by Kira Buckland.


Not long after the colonization of Earth began, a pearl with an unusual coloring on her gem emerges from the kindergarten, assigned to White Diamond to carry out deliveries. A sapphire with unusual monochromatic coloring is considered defective by Yellow Diamond due to her inability to predict the future. Meanwhile, the pearl seeks refuge in an empty kindergarten, unaware of the sapphire's poofing above.

Meanwhile, a Lapis Lazuli is assigned to be a personal terraformer for Blue Diamond, but she flies away when she learns that she is destroying other lifeforms. She takes refuge in an empty injector. A Chrysoberyl, who is assigned to be a messager for Blue Diamond, emerges from the Beta Kindergarten on Earth. Once she is on Homeworld, she is belittled for her defective appearance.

After days of hard labor, the Chrysoberyl is replaced by a Morganite. She stays in her home kindergarten for half a year, not knowing a perfect Quartz gem has emerged beside her. When she returns to Homeworld, the Chrysoberyl finds a Coral inside one of the abandoned kindergartens, hiding due to a fight with a Jasper. The two gems befriend each other as time goes on.

On an errand on the Earth colony, the Chrysoberyl and Coral are ambushed by a Rose Quartz and a renegade Pearl. The two gems manage to fight them off, but Chrysoberyl notices that the Rose Quartz is attacking another pearl. The Chrysoberyl helps the pearl escape, befriending her. During the Gem War, a Lapis Lazuli and a monochromatic sapphire join the trio, becoming allies of the rebels.

After learning about the Diamonds' last effort attack, the quintet fled back to hide in an empty kindergarten, deciding to live there for the rest of their lives. Thousands of years later, Coral learns of a Peridot who has been sent on a mission to Earth. Taking this information to her advantage, the quintet sneaks onto the ship. Before the ship crashes, Lapis uses her hydrokinesis to carry the gems down to Earth.

At least a few months after spending time watching humans, the quintet is very used to their new life. A day after Peridot's betrayal, the quintet finds the Galaxy Warp and attempts to repair it, but they are stopped by the four main Crystal Gems. Poofed after putting up a fight, the quintet is stored in the Bubble Room. However, Steven frees them and informs them about the lies of Homeworld, changing the five gem's perspectives.

Coral then decides that the five gems must become better, causing them to side with the Crystal Gems. At the time of Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, Black Pearl poofs out of stress. During the battle, the remaining four gems are poofed in an effort to defend Steven. They regenerate around "Escapism", aiding in the final battle against their former master White Diamond. Soon, the quintet is finally free to live happily on Earth.

They play a minor role in both the movie and Future. In the epilogue series, Steven helps the quintet come up with their own theme song. They also appear in the final episodes; they are visibly concerned for Steven and help reach out to him when he becomes a monster, with Coral giving a passionate speech about how he touched their lives. Steven gifts them scented candles in an emotional farewell in the final episode.

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