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Emerald is funloving and Easily excited. He likes ice cream and food. He also likes Obsidian.


Emerald was created a long time ago in the beta kindergarten but no one found him. so he decided to stay there. Emerald first left the beta kindergarten when he saw that he wasn't the only person on earth. First he saw Steven Universe (character) and Amethyst (Canon) fight Jasper (Canon). He then noticed another gem watching from a distance Obsidian Hybrid (Garnetwins). He later became a crystal gem and later on met obsidian face to face. thats when their feelings for eachother became clear. but they havent confessed yet.


Short Sword proficiency

-Emerald wields a shortsword as a weapon.


-Emerald has the ability of flight.


Obsidian Hybrid- Obsidian is basically Emeralds boyfriend and trusted companion.

Gold- Gold is Emeralds best friend who can be a little annoying at times.
OlderEmerald Garnetwins
Emerald Garnetwins
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