Crystal Chronicles takes place in an alternate universe where the Crystal Gems were struck by the corruption light. A troop of gems finds themselves stranded on Earth, and make discoveries about the fallen rebels. This is an original story by Oshywoshy.

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Pink (2)

No. In Series

Title Card



1 Pilotcc

"Pilot" 2/15/19
Three gems are given a mission to monitor the Milky Way's sun.
2 Thebeginningcc

"The Beginning" 3/3/19
Three gems find themselves in unfamiliar territory.
3 Ppcc

"Punctually Pink" 3/8/19
Right on time, the gems find themselves an odd encounter.
4 Excc

"Extinguished" 3/12/19
Pink and Spinel go find Sunstone.
5 Temcc

"The Temple" 3/14/19
The headquarters of the gems is established.
6 Gardcc

"The Garden" 3/17/19
Spinel and Sunstone discover a peculiar place.
7 Roscc

"Rose Tinted Visor" 3/29/19
Pink goes looking for ship parts.
8 Chasecc

"The Chase" 4/7/19
The trio notice something mysterious.
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