Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.


"Crashing into a New Life" is a fanon series written by Amethyst.


After the colony of Iapetus that Verdite sees as her Homeworld is destroyed. She and her best friend Labradorite are finally given the opportunity to blast off to the distant planet known as "Earth". However in a freak accident the ship malfunctions causing the duo to hurtled back in time 15 years. Both causing a serve injury for Labradorite and the duo to be stuck on Earth.






No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
1 Goodbye homeworld Goodbye Homeworld A group posing as the diamonds infiltrate the Iapetan colony, forcing Labradorite and Verdite to flee. January 16th 2016
2 Onward To Earth Title Card (For Amethystkitten) Onward to Earth Verdite and Labradorite use Labradorite's rocket ship to fly to a planet known as Earth. January 16th 2016
3 The+Planet+of+Dreams+title+card The Planet of Dreams Verdite and Labradorite awaken on Earth and discover things are not as they seem. January 17th 2016
4 The+First+Fusion+title+card The First Fusion Verdite and Labradorite fuse for the first time. January 31st 2016
5 Galaxy Gembound The Crystal Gems invite Labradorite and Verdite to stay at their base. February 12th 2016
Crashing Into A New Life
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