Chrysoberyl is a member of the Gemallica Quintet, a sub-unit under the Crystal Gems. She is a quartz who was mistreated and looked down upon due to her size and appearance. After the war, Chrysoberyl and her friends side with the Crystal Gems as a subunit team. She is voiced by Apphia Yu.


Chrysoberyl is the shortest out of all of the gems. She has red hair styled in a ponytail with yellow highlights and bangs. She has pale red skin, freckles, and dark red eyes, all hidden behind a white visor. Her gemstone, a red Chrysoberyl, is located on her chest. Her outfit is a pale pink leotard with a tulle red skirt, white stars on her arm and neck areas, scarlet hand gloves with finger holes and crimson boots with red stars on the top.

During her time on Homeworld, Chrysoberyl had a standard diamond uniform with a blue recolor. She had no gloves, her visor was missing, and her ponytail was shorter. After poofing in "Reunited", Chrysoberyl's appearance changes. Her hair is tied into a side ponytail with a white bow that has a red star on it, and she also wears a smaller version of Peridot's current visor.

Her new outfit is a dark crimson dress, with the left side having a puffy short sleeve and the other without any sleeve. The torso is lined in red, with a red top underneath it crossed out in black lining. The collar is pale pink, topped and hidden with a yellow bow with a silver star. The skirt is white with a red and silver belt and a red bottom layer. She wears scarlet thigh-high socks with white stripes and crimson ankle boots.


Chrysoberyl is an energetic gem with a positive outlook on life. Her attitude also makes her one of the more charismatic members of the group. Despite being the happiest member of the group, Chrysoberyl still tends to feel self-conscious about her appearance, especially her freckles. She also tends to become jealous very easily. Despite her flaws and her somewhat cute appearance, Chrysoberyl is one of the smartest warriors in the group.

She uses both strength and strategy in combat, as seen when she fought the Crystal Gems near the Galaxy Warp; she wanted to defeat them, but not damage them too much it makes them poof or shatter. This suggests she is a very sensitive person who cares deeply about other gems and hates seeing them dying. Despite her unfamiliarity on Earth, Chrysoberyl is particularly fond of making and eating lasagna.


Chrysoberyl emerged from the Beta Kindergarten on Earth, at least an hour after Carnelian. She was belittled for her height and "defective" freckles. She was a messager for Blue Diamond. After days of hard labor, Chrysoberyl was replaced by a Morganite. She traveled back to the Beta Kindergarten and lived there for at least half a year. Later on, Chrysoberyl returned to Homeworld and found a kindergarten with a gem inside.

She met the gem, who was a Coral and befriended her. One day, the two gems traveled to Earth and were ambushed by a Rose Quartz and her renegade Pearl. The two managed to fight them off, but Chrysoberyl found another Pearl being attacked by Rose Quartz. She rushed over to help the Pearl and pulled her out of the fight, taking her under her wing.

A Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli joined Coral’s team and after clearing up some misunderstandings, the quintet began to fight alongside Rose during the Gem War. The corruption light attacked Earth and the quintet was left alone, having hidden in an empty kindergarten. They soon adjusted to their new home and continued living there. Years later, Coral reported to her friends that a Peridot is reaching Earth.

They followed the Peridot on her ship to Earth and remained there. While witnessing a fight between a fusion and a Jasper, the quintet was knocked off the ship, but Lapis Lazuli used a water bubble to get the gems to Earth. After the Peridot sided with the traitors, the quintet found a way to repair their only way back to Homeworld: the Galaxy Warp.

Unfortunately, the fusion detected them and the Crystal Gems attacked the quintet, with Chrysoberyl being poofed by a defective Amethyst. A few nights later, Steven unbubbled the five gems and set them free, much to Pearl's chagrin. Seeing the errors of Homeworld, Coral agreed that from now on, the five gems would fight alongside the Crystal Gems like they did thousands of years ago.

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