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Tetra's Alcove (The Alcove for short) is a timeline in which all of Tetrawyvern's Steven Universe fancontent exists.

Differences and Additions

Although the Alcove is very similar to Steven Universe canon, it has a few additions.

Timeline Changes

The timeline of the Alcove remains largely the same as it is in canon, but with a few minor additions.

  • During the very first few years of the Diamond Authority's rule, a minor rebellion was planned. In response to this, the Authority began incubating a set of three massive geoweapons in the crust of the planet Spiral. However, after said geoweapons emerged as minuscule, Spiral was abandoned.
  • An unofficial attempt to repair defective Gems from the Beta Kindergarten occurred near the end of the Rebellion. Most Gems, however, interpreted this as a veiled attempt to terminate them and escaped participation.

Character Changes

All of the following characters are canon to the Alcove. (WIP)


Timelines derived from the Alcove in which additional changes are made. (WIP)

Tetrahedrite AU

A timeline in which Tetrahedrite exists, along with Gemified versions of Tetrawyvern's OCs. Partially canon divergent to account for Tetrahedrite's creation.

Joker AU

A timeline in which Homeworld's structure is based around playing cards. Fully canon divergent.

Prismatic AU

A timeline similar to canon, except with a few more Diamonds. And by a few more, I mean six. And also, it's nothing like canon at all. It has its own page, actually. Fully canon divergent.


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