Calsilica (specifically Calsilica Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG) is a gemsona created by Quartz097. She was a former subordinate from Yellow Diamond's Court, currently living at Little Homeworld, Beach City, Earth, most of the time. Currently, Calsilica, along with her former personal Pearl, helps Yellow Diamond with regarding the forced fusions that formed The Cluster. On Earth, Calsilica became a successful artist (singer and songwriter) among many other gems, always scheduling local shows and Tours inside of Little Homeworld.


In the past, Calsilica was a respectable gem throughout Homeworld, even by other high ranking gems. Like most high-ranking and diplomatic gems, Calsilica was mainly portrayed as authoritarian and vain about her main work. She also seemed to be irritated with her supporters and personal gems when things did not go the way she intended, also being extremely devout to her Diamond. She owned a personal pearl and many gems by her side.

However, out of the spotlight, Calsilica was often very insecure about herself and unable to make decisions on her own, always needing the help of her supporters to resolve unusual situations and have constructive ideas, even if she did not admit such dysfunctions. Her personal Pearl, in this perspective, took advantage of these situation to mock and demonstrate a passive-aggressive behavior with Calsilica. Calsilica, however, just kept herself more and more reclusive to that.

Still in that point of view, away from the eyes of the other gems, Calsilica was very anxious, being terrified of embarrassing herself in front of the public or even in front of the Diamonds, which made her start to be very insecure and self-correcting about herself, even being relatively paranoid about it. Even so, she still hid all her problems behind a mask.

After the outbreak of the Era-3, both Calsilica and her pearl were finally free from submission to diamonds. Even though her pearl continued with his troubled, mean and aggressive personality, Calsilica seemed to no longer care about her pearl's anger at her and simply forgave her for all her malicious comments, what did Pearl's taunts became increasingly "comic" and exaggerated. With that, Calsilica began to allow herself more and not to hide her problems insistently behind a fake personality.


9,800 Years Ago

Calsilica emerged on a distant satellite more than 9,800 years ago, initially serving Yellow Diamond as one of her confidant scientist and researchers, standardly doing her job. Her work standed out among the rest of her kind, and she was designed to become a representative figure of science and technology at Homeworld, and under the influence of her Diamond, she started to carry out experiments, research and explorations related to new colonies of Yellow and Blue Diamond, including studying organic specimens and managing Lapis Lazuli's terraforming and building kindergartens. Such exposure and responsibility was gradually frustrating her and making Calsilica's personality unstable and anxious, who did not feel ready for all that job, even if she still had to obey the Diamonds orders.

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