After crashing on this planet escaping a prison from home world Tiger Iron tries to find her place and away from her tormented and twisted past. She has been living in a run down broken ship crashed near the arctic. Her current and only friend has been a small fox like creature she has called Snowy. Little does she know she is being hunted by home world gems who want a reward for bringing her back to her prison.


  • Don't be OP.
  • 5 characters max.
  • No one liners please, it really stops the flow of the role play.
  • You must state weather your gem is aligned with Home world/ Earth or act as a Neutral.
  • Your character HAS to be approved.
  • I will accept about 0 characters and this will be closed once everyone has been accepted.
  • You must post "Summer of Ammolite" to prove you have read the rules when you post your characters or you will not be accepted.


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