• Nightdragon784


    March 26, 2019 by Nightdragon784

    Just to double check gems are forms of light which allows them to shape shift but Do they have organs because I see things with gems bleeding and I am kinda confused

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  • PinkSuperStar

    There are a lot of fanarts in this wiki that I really like about fusion gems for starters like this one and I can't wait to see what another fanarts everybody creates and who knows I might create my very someday when I had the chance.

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  • PinkRose06

    Okay, this may sound dumb, but can anyone help me devolop/make OCs? While I’m a fan of SU, the show seems a bit add an OC. My sister, PuppyLuvr06 (she’s not on this wiki, but she’s on the WoF Fannon Wiki), has 2 SU OCs, but like I said, I can barely find a place for my OCs to fit in. Yeah...I think that’s it. Bye for now! (I’ll get to you as soon as I can if I comment, but due to one of my low self esteem fits I don’t have an easy way to go from here to the WoF Fannon Wiki, so I’ll just have to check in semi-regularly.)

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  • Tetrawyvern

    this doesn't matter all that much but whatever

    if you're reading this, tell me which one of my characters is your favorite and why. no reason, just do it

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  • AJDraws

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  • AJDraws



    === Topaz. Oh wow that looks nothing like Topaz. Purple + green make mud color, not blue. == ==

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  • PinkRose06

    Hello, all!

    February 26, 2019 by PinkRose06

    Heyo! So, I’m new (to this wiki, anyway) and I’d just thought I’d share a little bit about myself that I didn’t put on my profile. 1. I really like SU 2. I’m currently trying to find a gem that I like that doesn’t have a set body type. Any suggestions? 3. I totally claim that everyone’s problems revolve around Pink/Rose and you can’t stop me. 4. My name is NOT a SU reference. 5. I probably won’t be very active on here; I don’t have a lot of brilliant ideas for SU. 6. I’m open for an RP anytime! As soon as a get a sona to RP as... 7. I’m very strict on what I believe and don’t believe theory-wise, so beware! 8. I think that’s just about it!

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  • Mcmeme1

    If you have the time, please explain to me if I have to get the staff/curator's permission or sumthin. Thanks!

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  • Golden-Cascade

    of course we all know of the leaked Steven Universe episode, “Ronaldo eats paste”, but it was so beautiful that nobody could describe it without choking to death. so here i am.

    Billip Dewey was eating his normal pizza pie at Dominnow’s Pizza or whatever that fish pizza place is called when he sees a shadowy figure hidden beneath a cave. he runs, hoping its his waifu, Pearl, when he notices that he recognizes the figure.

    Steven Universe.

    “Steven Universe! It’s Me! Bill!,” he cries, running to him. foolish deciosion, and he is quickly struck.

    he wakes up in the Crystal Temple, with his waifu asking if he’s alright. Nobody had survived a Steven Universe attack in months except him. He tries to flirt with her and she throws him into the lava in Ga…

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  • Someone below


    February 7, 2019 by Someone below

    I just came here and decided to say hi. i don't expect anyone to say anything but hello wiki.

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  • Nighlocktheawesome

    My characters

    January 29, 2019 by Nighlocktheawesome
    • The Crystal Strike Team
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  • DoomyBoy

    Ok, so theres this thing called "hunger games simulator" and I want to see whose OC would win. I need 24 OCs all together, and I've already got 2 tributes, Sunny and Jacob.

    Anyone want to other up tributes? Tell me who and which district in the comments.


    Orange District


    2. Jacob

    Red District

    1. Carnelian (Tetrawyvern)


    Blue District



    Yellow District

    1.Jasper (Tetrawyvern)

    2. Amber (MisFitt)

    Green District



    White District

    1. Moon Ammolite (Pikadot)


    Pink District

    1.Amethyst (Tetrawyvern)


    Crystal District

    1.Kreuzite (Tetrawyvern)

    2. Flourite (MissFitt)

    Black District

    1. Black Pearl (MissFitt)


    Grey District

    1. Feldspar (Tertawyvern)


    Offcolor District

    1. Rainbow Pyrite (MissFitt)


    Corrupted District

    1. Serpentine (Missfitt)

    2.The Er'Khaan …

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  • Tetrawyvern

    Chapter Zero is out

    January 21, 2019 by Tetrawyvern

    The first episode of my fanon series, Chapter Zero , is out!

    Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to draw the cover image for it. As soon as I get back to the computer

    Read it or Tetrahedrite will steal all your ballpoint pens.

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  • Drawkill Dragon
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  • DoomyBoy

    So, um, I started this fanon series from before A Single Pale Rose. Needless to say there was some new information that forced me to put the series on hold for a bit. I think I've worked out a basic way to keep it working.

    Essentially the majority of the series is the same, right up until A Single Pale Rose. Instead of the entirity of the Crystal Gem's finding out Rose's true identity, it is only revealed to Steven. 

    Other changes include the Diamond's not reaching earth until during the final battle of Old Earth and Bismuth not being released from the bubble.

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  • Solstice the Icewing


    January 11, 2019 by Solstice the Icewing

    Am I allowed to post fanfiction concerning my OCs for this fandom here? And if not, does anyone know isf there is another wiki devoted to the topic? 


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  • Disgustedorite

    See that fancy little pink box there? I made it and anyone is free to make use of it for their pages!

    First, create a new page for your template by naming it something like Template:NameGoesHere. Select "Notice" for the template type, and then then paste the following and fill it out accordingly:

    Replace the hex codes with the colors you want for each part and it will change accordingly.

    Have fun!

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  • MorphoTheRainWing
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  • DoomyBoy

    I can't take no more of this
    This nightmare has to end
    In this godforsaken place
    Death would be a welcome friend

    I could get a crooked guard
    To kill me, yeah, that's it
    Better that than a hundred years
    Dyin' slowly bit by bit

    All I did was fuse a few times
    Justice here don't fit the crime
    I've been broken by my devils
    Justice is a waste of time

    I can't get to heaven
    Why not raise a little hell

    They'll see me, but it's the last time
    That filthy scum has got to go
    By tonight, it will be over
    When I strike the fatal blow

    No way out, I gotta do this
    Her or me, okay, let's play
    Never killed, but now I have to
    Time to make White Diamond pay!

    I won't get to heaven,

    Why not raise a little hell

    No way I'll see heaven...

    Time to raise a Little HELL!

    (Parody of "Raise a Littl…

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    I drew this thing

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  • MorphoTheRainWing


    December 24, 2018 by MorphoTheRainWing

    I was on Fantasy Name Generators on the Bird Names Generator, and one of the bird names was...

    So, even Fantasy Name Generators knows that Pearl is a bird!

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  • DoomyBoy

    What would you do...1

    December 13, 2018 by DoomyBoy

    So, post what you do in this scenario in the comments.

    You wake up to someone tapping on your window in the middle of the night, you pull back the blinds to see your favorite character from SU outside. As soon as they see you they ask "Are you coming?"

    Rules: No OCs in this one, only canon characters.

    You must use your actual favorite character, even if it's a villian.

    Keep it clean in the comments please.

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  • Ellis18=9

    Listen guys. Something absolutely horrible happened. My sister found my Wikia account and reported it to my parents. They don't want me to do this anymore. As a result, I have to leave you. I enjoyed looking at what everyone made and I loved reading every story. 

    My only regret is not interacting enough with you all. But I have one last request. I looked at the most active users here so I spun a wheel. Looks like my Baby Howelite is going to Devan4590. Please take good care of him

    Once I figure something out, I'll return. Until then, farewell everyone. 

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  • IlluminatedBulb

    SU Escapism Leaks!

    December 10, 2018 by IlluminatedBulb

    WARNING: There are many spoilers in here. 

    Hey fellow Wikians! I brought news from tumblr user Bismuth on the SU character singing Escapism. According to Bismuth, who has a "resource", Stevonnie will be singing Escapism. Supposedly this will be through another character's eyes, most likely a version of Pink Diamond. There is also news surrounding the SU movie! It will be a musical, and take place right after a large reveal involving Blue Diamond. Finally, Rebecca Sugar confirmed at a con in Brazil that there is a possible Diamond fusion coming. She said that they can fuse, but will they? That's all for today! See you next time.

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  • Tetrawyvern

    I'm pretty new here, and I don't exactly know how everything works in terms of the roleplaying system. I've roleplayed a lot before, but never on a site like this. I'd be interested in joining a roleplay, but all the currently active ones are too far in to accept new characters. A little advice about how the roleplaying system works here would be great.

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    So, I just got Photoshop and I'm still a noob, but I can alter photos to have different color palettes like they're in different lighting in the show. If you want, you can give me a picture of your OC and I can make it look like they have a night palette, underwater palette, et cetera. Here are some examples:

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    So, I have a lot of Steven Universe stuff that I would love to share, and I would love to interact with more Steven Universe fans and artists and writers, but this wiki isn't very active. So, does anyone know any active Steven Universe communities that have little to no inappropriate content and are safe and don't have many creepy people or jerks and are good for sharing art and writing and characters?

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    This is copied from my blog post on the Steven Universe canon wiki.

    Ok, so I came up with a theory.

    So, White Diamond can't tell the difference between Steven and Pink Diamond and treats Steven, who has Pink Diamond's gem but doesn't look like her, exactly like Pink Diamond. What if White Diamond is blind, and can just feel gemstones somehow (sorta like the shattering robonoids)? After all, her eyes have white pupils and gray irises, which gives the impression of her possibly being blind.

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  • Tetrawyvern

    As you probably know, Homeworld Gems are divided into castes based on their gem type. This guide provides a mostly comprehensive list of all known gem types and castes. It's mostly for my own reference, but if you think it would help you, you can go ahead.

    Important stuff about this guide:

    1. It includes information about known gem cuts. This is due to the fact that most Gems of one type share the same cut, with a few exceptions (such as Diamonds, Jaspers, Amethysts, etc.)
    2. It includes information about known Gem abilities. This is due to the assumption that all Gems of one type share the same abilities (for example, all Lapis Lazulis must have hydrokinesis, or else they wouldn't be able to terraform). Note that this has not been confirmed.
    3. It con…
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  • DoomyBoy

    Ok, so I'm planning on bringing some more Siblings into the mix, but realized that other than Esquilo and Devan not many people know what they are. So...heres so info about the Siblings... And be kind about Grammar I'm writing this on my phone.

    BASIC INFO The Siblings are a group of immortal beings from the fifth dimension. All of them share the same father, a demon named Ragnarok, although most of them have diffrent mothers.

    For the most part the Siblings do not interfere with mortal lives, mostly due to an agreement with Painite and Edward (those two are owned by Devan, check them out.)

    While the siblings each have unique abilities, they all share some basic ones. They all have near-immortality, and on the off chance one of them dies the ot…

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  • AventurineSun

    Title pretty much explains it all.

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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    So, this is basically the Steven Universe version of my Character Corner on the WoF fanon wiki. I have more info about some of these characters that is not yet published, but I do not yet have enough info to fill a page. Do not under any circumstance steal the ideas of any of these characters, or use them without Morpho's permission.

    Moved to a page

    Moved to a page

    • Rose Quartz
    • Crystal Gem
    • Based on "Love Like You" (the song), or what I think the "aesthetic" of it would be
    • Currently bubbled
    • May change to being a Rosewater Opal
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  • MorphoTheRainWing

    Comic Con

    October 28, 2018 by MorphoTheRainWing

    Today, I went to Comic Con! I won't be revealing too much on here, but I will say that it was IN-CRED-IBLE! I'm so glad I went! It was such a great day!

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  • Devan4590

    Wanna be part of our community but don't know much about Steven Universe? Well we cannot judge if you came to the wrong place, but fortunately, you have users who know the series inside out! So sit back as we school you on this biz!

    Why, a very good question! Gems normally themselves are just gemstones. However, for some reason gems have consciousness and can generate bodies made of what is called "Hard light." Think of it like holograms, but with mass. Gems don't require eating, sleeping, breathing, and anything else that requires sustenance. They also don't age, which allows them to live for eons.

    Gems are genderless, but they often take on the form of females. Their color palette depends on whatever gem they are, and vary in shapes and si…

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  • Qwertyuiopscout123

    Hihihi whats good

    September 29, 2018 by Qwertyuiopscout123

    Soo ive been gone for a hot second how are yall holdin up?

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  • AventurineSun

    Look what I found ^.^

    September 28, 2018 by AventurineSun

    Soooo thrilled with what I found at Got Rocks !? Gem Shop(Their sign is a picture of Dave Chapelle as Tyrone Biggums), eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  • DoomyBoy

    So, this is the boxart of a board game, I didn't draw it and frankly don't remember it's name, but it's an accurate depiction of how the Siblings first reacted upon meeting humans. It was either "Oh they're so cute" or "Oh man, It's gonna be awesome to screw with these guys" There was little to no inbetween at first.

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  • AventurineSun

    Her eyes were like a flickering torch in the night, beautiful and ominous, but they'd be extinguished come morning, I wept for that fleeting beauty, It was something truly rare and precious, fitting then that they'd ignite a slumbering soul somewhere in the belly of a fumbling, foolish girl; I saw the promise in those eyes... then they closed, cold and lifeless like the hanging evening fog they illuminated and the slumbering soul that stirred, perhaps only for a moment, maybe two, slumbered once more as the flame died out, taking its promise with it. ~Cancer girl, AventurineSun  

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  • The Mind Player II

    ALL MY CHARACTERS, but one

    Just read the title, there is not much to say about that.....

    Just take em and change the title of the character you choose... pft, I do not care


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Unless they're black tourmaline.

    Anyways, the title is as it says. My profile contains all of my gem ocs, and i'll have 3 I can remake. Post inthe comments if you want, also, yes I am Another One Of Those Fans.

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  • Eelala00ee

    gem ideas

    July 30, 2018 by Eelala00ee

    here are some of gem cut ideas and colour schemes more coming soon. sadly you cant sell them or take them there just refrences not adoptables :(

    well since you cant comment this is now a zoo for abandoned gems

    the past here is a adoption of a corrupted gem maybe could be a aquamarine or ice maybe she/he wanted to be more powerfull so she/he had drinked poison the poison makes her/him powefull but makes her/him corrupted and you could also change his/her colours

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  • AventurineSun

    I mean, yeah it's weird and quirky, but it could be real fun. Maybe a parody of our usual Ocs and original stories? Or maybe like our characters are watching T.V and the entire RP plays out as an episode of Crying Breakfast Friends in front of them? Well, if anyone is interested lemme know, it would be fun to make some OCs just for this RP :D

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  • Pikadot

    it has been almost one year since I last made a blog post so might as well come back

    I've been doing stuff. Lots of stuff.

    Recently, I discovered I'm somewhat good at osu!, and proceeded to get consumed by it. Sotarks is my lord and savior.

    Side note: osu! is actually also the reason I remembered that this exists because I saw someone I knew back from when I was active on here in the comments of a Sotarks mapset.

    Now, last blog post, I talked about revamping Moon. Well, haven't done too much on that. Don't worry, it's on my endless to-do list. I might do something with all the free time I have.

    Anyways, yeah. See you soon, hopefully.

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  • DoomyBoy

    Steven, Eli, Russle and Whitney are talking in the Northpeak Lodge cafeteria

    Eli: did what?

    Steven: I fused with Connie

    Russel: That's not possible.

    Steven: I swear it is! Me and Connie were dancing on the beach...

    Whitney: Whoah, whoah, hold up. You were dancing with Connie?

    Steven: Yeah

    Whitney: Like...alone?

    Steven: Um...yes?

    Whitney: Steven, buddy, i tell you this as you friend, she is WAY out of your league.

    Steven: Huh?

    Eli: Ignore him, back to the story

    Steven: Ok, well Connie tripped and i caught her and then we fused into Stevonie!

    Russel: Ok...I mean that definitely sounds fake but OK.

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  • Katrinasis


    July 14, 2018 by Katrinasis

    Well, I guess I should finally introduce myself.

    Hi! My name's Kathy and I like O.Cs. You might know me from the Steven Universe Fandom Wiki. I'm always open for RPs, so feel free to message me!

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  • DoomyBoy

    Are you tired of the treatment that Gems recieve under there Diamonds? Join the New Homeworld Order! We fight for

    • Removal of the Cast system
    • Equal Treatment to all gems
    • ending the Homeworld militant invasions of new planets!
    • Removal of prejudice against Off Colors and Cross Fusions!

    Founded by Pink Diamond's former Elite Gem Cherry Quartz and an anomynous Ally, the New Homeworld Order is a reveloution bent on the reform of homeworld! Come to our base on *Pzzzzt* at *PZZZT* for recruitment!

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  • Dani2021

    Summer break is near.

    June 24, 2018 by Dani2021

    Summer break is coming near and hopefully maybe Pokemonboy3000 and Goldensunsheba will might return during this summer break (if pokemonboy3000 doesn't have anything college related to do this summer). 

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  • Deyvan Salez

    i'm back maybe

    June 7, 2018 by Deyvan Salez

    so is there anything I should know before returning kinda

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  • DoomyBoy

    (This is a reaction to Beryl and Sodalite's discovery of Rose Quart's true identity.)

    Sodalite walks into Beryl's observation room on the Eye Spy.

    "You find anything?"

    Beryl shrugs

    "Not really. The crystal clods never do anything as interesting as Boku no Hero Acadamia"

    Suddenly one of the monitors crackle to life and Steven's voice is heard over the speakers

    "Mom was Pink Diamond."

    Beryl blinks, confused, before remembering who Steven refers to as "Mom"


    Sodalite facepalms

    "Calm Down...we, we don't report it."

    "But, Sodalite...if she finds out..."

    "NO ONE CAN FIND OUT! This information could des…

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  • AventurineSun

    Do not under any circumstance catch lyme disease, oh my sweet jeebus don't. In any case I'm starting to feel like I'm going to live ( don't think I was ever going to die but definitely wished for the sweet embrace of death more than once ) so I'll probably catch you good people by the weekend.

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