Azurite is a gem made and owned by Regimango.


She wears a navy blue cloak with star-like white dots, it has a hood and can completely obscure her body. Underneath she wears a sleeveless black body suit. She has pale white hair with blue streaks, light blue skin and her gem is in the centre of her chest.


Orlov Diamond

Azurite has a very teacher-student relationship with Orlov, Orlov giving her commands, and Azurite complying.


Due to their large personality differences Copal and Azurite never were very compatible and as such they never really became friends.


Gagat and Azurite bonded over their mutual sadness, and being near one another somehow inexplicably makes them happier.


She is a timid and an easily frightened soul. Though she is very temperamental, letting her emotions completely consume her at times. When she does get angry she usually becomes uncontrollable and extremely dangerous.


Azurite had lived on Homeworld all her life, she had been a member of Blue Diamonds court, however, due to her timidity and fear she never interacted with any other gems. When other gems tried to speak with her she would always retreat in fear. Due to this emotional instability, her powers were always dangerous and out of control. So eventually she was sent away to Orlov Diamond, the unrecognised member of the Diamond Authority.


She has standard gem abilities such as bubbling, shape-shifting and retreating to her gem. However, she does not have a summonable weapon.


  • Reaction Time: She has shown to be able to react very quickly when needed

Unique Abilities

  • Meteorokinesis: She has the ability to create and in a way control small weather phenomenon such as rain clouds, lightning and fog. Though these appear to be solely based on her emotional state and there has been no actual intent for these events to occur


  • Green Beryl: Green Beryl was formed when Azurite and Emerald fused together. They have only been formed once so far.
  • Aqua Aura Azurite: Aqua Aura Azurite was formed when Azurite and Aqua Aura Emery fused together. She has only been formed once as of yet.
  • Sodalite: Sodalite is the fusion of Azurite and her friend Gagat.


  • Wielding lightning has the potential to knock her out depending how strong her anger is


  • Azurite is a type of copper mineral
  • It is the sister mineral to malachite, both being a form of copper carbonate mineral