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This article follows the canon of Watcher-Verse, which may deviate from the set canon of Steven Universe.
Aquamarine is a gem made by Steven watcher, she goes by the name of Aqua and has appeared in a few of the RPs Watcher participated in.


Aqua is more of a rough person who takes everything at least semi seriously, she somewhat prides herself on her independence and doesn't like other people doing things for her. Aqua doesn't like being called pretty or cute especially the latter.


Aqua has standard gem abilities such as bubbling shape shifting regenerating.

Unique Abilities

Weapon Summoning

This may be a thing that all gems do but each gem summons a different weapon, Aqua's weapon is a trident.

Trident Proficiency

Aqua has great aim and speed when it comes to throwing tridents, she is also skilled in sword blocking and disarming.


She can manipulate water at will though unlike Lapis Lazuli, Aqua can not make water structures but can make water spirals to keep herself suspended in air aswell as creating quick fast moving jets.


Aquamarine by Onyx

Aqua is of a decent hight and wears clothing similar to those of the water tribe in Avatar The Last Airbender, her design is based of Korra a waterbender originating Avatar and Lapis Lazuli with a small tilt towards the lapis aspect. Aqua's skin is a pale light blue and her hair is of a dark blue shade.



Aqua is margy's girlfriend, soon to be wife, who got introduced to him by Onyx because of a deal that Margy and Onyx made.

She has three kids with him being Elizabeth, called Liz, Alexander, called Lex and Mathew.


She and Onyx are good friends they have an almost father daughter realationship, Onyx kept her in touch with the outside world when she was in her cave for a good period of time.


Aqua gemstone
  • Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, the same family that the precious stone emerald is in.
  • Aquamarine is one of the official birthstones for March.
  • The colour of aquamarine is the result of iron impurities within colourless beryl crystal.
  • The largest producer of aquamarine in the world is Brazil.
Aqua gemstone 2
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