Amazonite loves to get into trouble. She has been in gem jail more times than she can remember, and likes watching helpless and weak gems getting hurt. She is very lazy ( like amethyst) and loves to eat and sleep though there is no need to. She interacts with humans a lot, less than with gems. She participates in human activities a lot. SHe I svery adventurous.


Amazonites were created on the Jupiter Kindergarten. They saw all of the Quartz gems fighting for this planet and wanted to join, hence they are so violent. SOme of them just sat and watched the gems aroun dthem, as if nothing were happing, so they usally watch gems getting hurt as entertainment. This Amaoznite loved this ( for those reasons) more than any other Amazonite.


Karate and Force.

She uses her KArate more than force. SHe is ranked a black belt, and uses it unnessasarily.

SHe uses her force only in intese situations, for she gets massive headaches when she uses it fo rmore than 10 seconds.


Amazonites don't usally trust many, unless they share interests, but this one is frineds with a Shadow Crystal, a very delicate gem.

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